Tomorrow’s A Different Day (Day 1 – 30)

Day 1: The Unfortunate Disappearance Of A Pencil Once Loved

That moment class ends and you remember lending your pencil to someone and they’re currently walking out the door and didn’t give it back to you and the pencil you were just using broke in half but you suffered through the entire class using it knowing that in your next class you’d have a perfectly good pencil for the upcoming test but sadly you’ll never see that pencil you once dreamed of again. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 2: The Artistic Stickman

That moment you pick up a pencil after a long time and you go to draw a picture filled with child like wonder, then thirty seconds later you realized why you don’t draw anymore, mainly because the stick person you just drew has a better chance at drawing the next Mona Lisa then you. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 3: Accidental Punch To The Heart

When you show up to your university class early only to find out it isn’t actually your class and you’re an hour early, but lucky for you an attractive heartthrob of a person sits beside you and you start to hit it off, checking them out and flirting with each other occasionally through out the class which eventually ends and they start packing up and you put on your jacket, and in an effort to reposition it on your body you accidentally punch them in the face only to have them say ‘sorry’ and your confused brain replies with ‘yea’ making you look like a total jackass. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 4: Star Student

That day when you do your homework, that isn’t due for a couple of days, but being the keener that you are you finished it early to have some free time and when you get to your class the teacher gives you a bonus 10% for working so hard and everyone else in the class looks at you like you’re a traitor and they isolate you to the back of the class. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 5: Bad Guy’s Always Win…At First

Those days when you struggle to make a name for yourself, only to watch the bad guys from your past get off easy and live the dream you strive to achieve each and everyday only to see no turn around yet you know in your heart it will only get better and hope that soon you will achieve your dreams. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 6: Whimsical Procrastination

When you procrastinate for so long only to realize that the presentation project that you had prepared for was yesterday, but you slept through it and stayed home only to be let down when you came back knowing that you couldn’t make that project into the whimsical performance like you dreamed the morning before as the class went on without you. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 7: Six Year Old Translation

Those moment’s when you surfing online at home only to have your internet shut down because of your provider doing some upgrades, and in the meantime you occupy yourself with those old world domination plans your six year old self came up with eighteen years ago but everything is all poorly written and only your six year old self can translate it, but after a half hour your wifi returns and you move on with your life. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 8: An Artist’s Tone

When you meet someone for the first time and you’re forced to make small talk and the first thing they ask you is what’s your favourite colour, and you think long and hard and finally say black only to have them look at you in disgust and say that it’s a tone not a colour, and immediately walk away from you and as you watch them leave you think I meant to say green, it’s been green since I was three and now I’m thirty six and you know you can’t take back that answer and you have to live with it until the next amateur artist comes around. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 9: Six Ain’t Nine

When you’re playing UNO and you have one card left, and everything is going in your favour it’s even the right colour and you are about to win, when suddenly there’s a colour switch but it’s a nine so you put your card down not realizing that in your hand was a six all this time, and now you look like an idiot and because of an earlier agreement that if you call it out and you’re wrong you have to draw two cards, leaving Bill to plus four you, all right before your childhood rival Carl beats you once again for the twenty eighth time. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 10: Double Digits

On that one day when you have witnessed the sun revolve around the earth ten times and it’s finally your tenth birthday and you realize that you will never be a single digit age ever again but then you see the ice cream cake come out and it’s in the design of your favourite character and suddenly, life doesn’t seem so bad and your first life crisis comes to an end. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 11: Mondays

When you wake up and its Monday. Tomorrow’s A Different Day

Day 12: The Essay Club

When your teacher asks you to write an essay as a group for part of a project, but groups are pre-assigned and you have no previous bonds to the others in your group but over the course of the two hour class you bond and instead of just writing the essay you include an image of each group members face photoshopped onto the breakfast club movie poster, and at the end of the essay you write ‘Your’s truly the essay club’ and you get an A because you played to your teacher’s obsession with the breakfast club and they raise a fist in the air as they leave the classroom and you never see the individuals you worked with ever again but it was worth it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 13: Dodgeball Stalemate

Those day’s that you’re playing dodgeball in school, and you can’t throw for the life of you so you stay in the back of the class while everyone else is on the front line, then before your very eyes everyone starts dropping like flies until you’re the only one left, however because no one in your third grade class can throw the distance of half a gymnasium it all eventually leads to a stale mate because you have all the balls trapped in the corner using your body as a barrier knowing full well your teacher can’t touch you without facing a potential lawsuit and thus wait out the clock, knowing that at the end of the day you might have lost the battle but won the war. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 14: Freezing Monopoly

When the snow continues to keep coming down…and just wont stop, no matter how much you pray only to see the snow get higher and higher until you are snowed in and the only solution is to tunnel your way out, however once you are six feet deep into the snow you realize you’re over your front stairs that go down flatten out then go down a couple more and you realize it’s perfect for a slide, and working the day away you manage to complete it and are the proud owner of the first tunnel snow slide of the season only to wake up the next morning to find out that it caved in because of a pre-meditated snow ball hit from Mr. Johnson who’s always had a monopoly on snow activities, and it was all because you forgot to shovel his side walk yesterday, thus making the twenty five year rivalry more intense then ever with you’re condo neighbour. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 15: Vengeful Spider

When you have a double sided window, that doesn’t have a screen in it and you go to open it but before you open the first side and see an abnormally large spider crawl across the glass and you realize that you’re window is now a cage, a cage that possess a demon you dare not release and every time you look at your window the spider looks back and waves wielding a toothpick with a fly impaled on it and you can’t help but wonder about where the fly came from. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

 Day 16: AI Tags

When you make a new account on a social media network as a business and you have to learn how to use tags or whatever the word is that follows what was once known as the pound sign and you struggle to know if it’s actually working since nothing seems to change day in and day out and all you can wonder is if tags actually work or if someone just sits somewhere in the world and laughs at what you write while a random generator gives you a general word because AI is slowly taking over the world. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 17: Mathematical Inaccuracy

That moment when you are in University/Post-secondary and while you’re in class your professor says that you will have three mid-terms and a final during one term and you start to think to yourself, wouldn’t it be better to call them quarter terms but what do you know you’re the student and your math professor has a PhD in Math so clearly he has a better understanding of fractions then you do, which sparks a life crisis within you because you realize half is equivalent to a quarter and three quarters, meaning Math is tough and you have to accept it but on the flip side even if you get a twenty five percent that should still be equivalent to a fifty percent, right? Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 18: Generational Inexperience

When your parents think they know what’s best for you and watch as you chase your dreams only to put you down for not making any money because you thought you’d challenge the system, and they would never stand for that so you lay a wake at night thinking about these things and the importance of money, all because you’re parents haven’t learned to use the internet and don’t understand what an independent IT technician is, that also volunteers at retirement homes setting up computers, to build up ten years of experience that their generation demands for an entry level job. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 19: Little Stoner

When you have to have a simple surgery but they have to put you under and the last thing you remember them saying is that they’re going to use the Michael Jackson drug aka the drug he died using and the next thing you know your vision breaks like a glass window and you are back in the real world, with the surgery done and the doctor looks at you only to say “good morning ya little stoner” and you can’t help but wonder if you were peer pressured by the doctor to take hard drugs, and you consider how this will affect your addictive personality and question if you now have a drug dealer. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 20: Taking A Chance

When you’re unemployed because you saved up for a few years to give your dreams a shot only after three months of not getting a pay check your parents start to wonder if this is really the best thing for you, and because of that they start to pawn you off on other people looking for employees behind your back and you really start to wonder if you are actually alone in the world or if you’re parents are just old and don’t understand the concept of taking a chance in doing what they love because they never got to do it themselves. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 21: Sweet Sixteen going on Seventeen

It’s your sweet sixteen and you’ve been getting ready all day, your friends are all excited and can’t wait to celebrate, everything is perfect and your parents have spent a small fortune and they’ve asked the family friend that’s a doctor and was the one that helped deliver you when you’re mother was giving birth to give a speech and they asked them to read out your birth certificate as some weird kinda of ritual that they think is cute, only to find out you turned sixteen last year and now you’re actually seventeen. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 22: Birthday Hostage

When you get summoned for jury duty and you really don’t want to go but you also don’t want to do something illegal, and you show up and meet the other jurors and they all seem pretty cool so you talk a little bit to get to know each other, then the trial starts and you feel that something is odd and the next thing you know it’s a surprise birthday for you and they decided to have a mock trial like you always dreamed of where everything goes horribly wrong but someone failed to tell the police and it all quickly becomes a hostage situation led by the police officers. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 23: Realistic Scare Tactics 

It’s the first day of your mandatory shop class, and you all gather around to watch a safety video that has one of those blood curdling scenes were someone loses a limb, and upon further viewing from between your fingers you realize that it’s not a safety video at all but instead your teachers audition tape for final destination, but he took it to the next level by actually losing a finger during the audition and everything you witnessed was one hundred percent real and you pass out from shock, but you still have to take the class while being mentally scarred forever. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 24: Is Easter still Easter on April Fools?

It’s Easter and April fools day, at the same time, and you wake up and race down the stairs for any sign of chocolate or candy but theres nothing just a plate full of fruits and vegetables and you stand there in disappointment only to be surprised by your parents who have bought some cheap discount candy and the day starts to look up for you and the sugar overload is now only mere moments away, which only means the parties just getting started. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 25: Special Drinks

When you go through a vitamin water phase and genuinely start to feel better about yourself and almost have a sense of being healthy but then your parents come over and start referring to them as your special drinks and you can’t help but wonder if they actually don’t know what they are called or if they are genuinely just taking a shot at your mental state and it’s a insult in disguise. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 26: Didn’t Need To See That

When you’re with your family for a celebratory dinner and your cousin who just had a baby is there and the baby gets hungry and his wife/the babies mom decides to breast feed around people and you have no problem with that but then she just goes for it at a packed square table of family members that she isn’t blood related to with no cover what so ever and you think to yourself, maybe I am in a redneck family and this actually explains a lot of my childhood and you become like Zach Galifianakis in the hangover movie when he counts cards but instead it’s you analyzing every aspect of your life. Tomorrow’s A Different Day

Day 27: Playing For Fun

When you’re playing chess with a member of a chess club and they take the game really seriously calling out different techniques and laughing because you’re significantly worse and you realize that you don’t want to join there club if they’re all like this so instead you start making incoherent moves that lack every aspect of strategy and in turn frustrates your opponent to the point they flip the board and ultimately giving you the win, then the next day you see a poster for the chess club and they’re looking for a new president and you have to wonder if the individual who flipped the board will ever play chess again after what you did to them. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 28: Knock, Knock

When you’re playing a scary video game that involves horrific monsters appearing on the other side of doors and they’re suppose to scare you when they appear and when you first observed this you were just a young child and it scares you for a week, but you don’t realize it embedded itself into your brain so that at the ripe young age of twenty two you open your bedroom door in the middle of the night and your brain initiates its scare tactics and after that you always wonder if someone is actually on the other side of the door when you go to open it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 29: Illiterate Corruption

When you are a young child who has a thing for handheld games that have trading capabilities and between two gameboy advance’s you have to use a link cable to perform the trade, and because you have a lack of friends you have two of systems for yourself so you can trade but then one morning it all goes wrong and that link cable that was working failed and corrupts both your safe games, and your illiterate six year old self doesn’t understand and school starts in fifteen minutes and your parent is trying to rush you out of the house, but you plead with them that your life is over and that trade now exists only in the abyss and leaves you with two corrupted games and you have to wonder, was it really worth it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day

Day 30: This Is The Life

When you’re parent/grandparent says your cool and hot damn were they right, as you hang out with your only two friends and you think this is the life. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Tomorrow’s A Different Day (Day 31-60)