Tomorrow’s A Different Day (Day 211 – 240)

Day 211: Marble Runs

When you find yourself surfing the internet and you find marble runs and you can’t help but watch hours of them until the point you think to yourself, what was I doing again. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 212: Common Sense

When you realize common sense seems to be a rarity nowadays. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 213: Laser Vision

When you stare into a laser pointer because you want to see where lasers come from only to be confused when the eye doctor says you need glasses and it’s because you think you’re Cyclops from the X-men. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 214: Pet Servant

When your cat pukes on his favourite stuffed animal that is the same age as him and you have the task of washing it off while he looks at you, and you realize you’ve become the servant to a pet, but it’s worth it when you see them walk around with it in their mouths. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 215: Popsicle Decisions

When you’re eating a popsicle and you get down to the stick part and it’s starting to slide around and you have to make the choice of either putting what’s left in your mouth or gamble to see if it’ll fall off and then suffer the same fate. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 216: End Of Summer

When it starts snowing lightly before you go to bed but then you wake up to nearly half a foot, and you stand in your window and come to the conclusion that summer is over. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 217: Wire System

When your family walks into your funeral and you have an elaborate wire system connected to anything that can move, and you’re dying wish is for your spouse and kids to control it while scaring one else in the room, while The Number Of The Beast is playing. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 218: More Sleep

When you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have time to sleep. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 219: Accidental Angel

When you make your first snow angel of the year, and snow goes down your back, but hey at least you made an angel and it was a slick recover from the fall. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 220: Romantic Fall

When you wear an extra scarf out in the snow, and you see your significant other shivering so you wrap your second scarf around them and you get to see the both confused and surprised but more importantly get to see there smile, before slipping on the ice. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 221: Bag Of Chips

When you reach into the pantry for a bag of chips only to pull out a nearly empty one with a few stray crumbs in it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 222: A Swift Kick

When your parents tell you stories of how their parents use to discipline them and then they say some of their siblings avoided said punishment, and you wonder if that’s the reason, that they’re more selfish then the others, and you figure all that it would take that is a swift kick in the…nevermind. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 223: Chocolate Temptation

When you get a box of candy for Halloween and it has something’s you like and some you don’t, and a month after buying it, is everything you’re not a fan off but yet you still give in to the temptation that chocolate has on you. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 224: Turkey

When it’s Thanksgiving and you and you’re a family do the usual traditions you’ve done since you were a kid and you can honestly say that you make a mean hand-traced turkey. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 225: Kids = Financial Benefits

When you have a kid at a young age, can’t drive, and don’t have a job and you complain about all the payments you have to make so you figure your best option is to have another kid, to get the government to assist you for another couple of years. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 226: Don’t Sit So Close

When you sit to close to the tv even after your parents warned you that your eyes will go square but you showed them because they actually turned into triangles. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 227: Ink Poisoning

When you put your hand on a red ink pad then shake someone’s hand and then yell I caught you redhanded and you make a citizen’s arrest because you think you can, and next thing you know you’re in jail for ink poisoning an individual. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 228: Mona Lisa 2.0

When your protege child draws the Mona Lisa 2.0 on the wall and you don’t know whether to discipline them or let them continue and a week later you have a knee-high mural that wraps around your house. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 229: Team Work

When you own a farm and have a haystack, and your kids have been acting up and screaming all week that you tell them if they can find the needle in the haystack you’ll give each of them twenty dollars but they have to work together, and five hours in you reach into your pocket and remember that you never actually put the needle in the haystack. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 230: Moisture

When it starts snowing and you can’t help but feel sad but your mom tells you that it’s just moisture, only you know as it as only sadness. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 231: Child Interrogation

When your child goes into interrogation mode when they find out that the Easter bunny isn’t real, and as if they have a gun to your head you start spilling the beans on everything that you’ve lied about and leaves you an emotional wreck, but then you realize you have to tell your significant other. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 232: Upside Down

When you stare up at the ceiling and have that thought about what if everything is upside down and you could walk on the roof and how much of an environment change that would be but instead we can’t, and we return to moving around the place normally. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 233: Modern Day Harry Potter

If Harry Potter was a high school teen fiction story with no fantasy element there’s a good chance one book would’ve been called Harry Potter and the Unexpected Pregnancy, think about it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 234: Itch

When you’re all about the gains but then you get to a point when you can’t reach your back anymore and you have a really bad itch. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 235: Pets In Movies

Whenever there is a dog or an animal in a sad movie, you know you’re going to have a bad time. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 236: Next Week’s Math Final

When you see a multitude of attack ads on tv and you can’t help but wonder if you can do that on your school news channel to get out of next weeks math final. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 237: Those Are Pretty Big

When you go into the woods to look for Bigfoot, but end up only finding a Yeti and you’re mildly heartbroken and it tries to comfort you but it just doesn’t understand your sadness and shows you it’s foot and it’s only like a size 12 but you nod and say “those are pretty big” even though your a size 13. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 238: Rick Rolled

When someone says you’ve been rickrolled but you already know because you’re watching the video and it takes everything in your power to not punch them in the throat. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 239: Mullet Territory

When your hair gets long and you start to get to the point where you debate with yourself if it’s still short enough or if you’re borderline mullet territory. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 240: Buy The Box

When you’re old enough and Halloween stops being about going out and getting candy trick or treating, and instead, you just buy whatever you like and just buy the box with the small bags of chips for the kids. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.