Tomorrow’s A Different Day (Day 151 -180)

Day 151: Not Your House

When you’re home alone watching your pets, and for five days you create a positive atmosphere only to have it squandered away when your parents come back mid-argument so you order them to go outside and settle their differences as if you have some sort of power, only you don’t and they continue and you realize that this isn’t your house anymore. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 152: Human Back Up

When your cat is completely hostile toward other cats, and you decide to take them outside only to look away one sec and turn around, and a stray snuck into the yard and now are in a stare-off with your cat, so you pick up your cat before a catfight ensues and your cat suddenly feels empowered because they have a human on their side and they start hissing, and the other cat leaves and your cat has now defined themselves as the big dog of the yard. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 153: Standing Around

When you volunteer your time to help someone unload a truck of specialty wood and you show up at 8:30 only to wait three and a half hours for them to come to the conclusion that maybe today it won’t be happening so you have to go back the next day, knowing full well that they’ll be losing their mind, at least the money is easy. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 154: Repeated Work

When you work as a groundskeeper in a park and you have to go and clean all the toilets but it’s one of the days were some Pepto Bismol would have changed your life since every time you finish cleaning one you quickly find yourself using it and you have to repeat the process, and in these fleeting moments you wonder why you turned down that office job. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 155: Management

When you can’t hold a job because you think you’re better than everyone else even though you don’t have a cent to your name you still believe your best plan of attack is to hold out for a management position. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 156: The Darkness Behind Cat Photos

When you’re a little kid and your family has an old lazy cat, and only being two and having no real sense of the world you try and sit on the car hoping he will do something but instead reverse bear traps you and claws and teaches you a lesson and from that day forward you realize all those cute cat pictures are all a front for something much darker. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 157: Dead Phone

When you’re phone battery is at five percent and you have to call your parents and tell them that you have a practice after school only as your dialing the number your phone powers down and you figure in some way you know that this will get you in more trouble then it’s worth. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 158: Something Doesn’t Seem Right

When you’re playing hockey as a thirteen-year-old kid and you get out onto the ice and you look at the other team as they come out and one of their players stands at, at least 6′3 and has a full beard, and you start to wonder what female hockey league you got yourself into. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 159: All About The Kids

When the world starts falling apart and the only way to survive as an online creator is to physically fight other creators in front of a bunch of kids who don’t even understand that the sky isn’t actually blue yet. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 160: Orange Slices

When you play soccer, but the only reason you play is for the halftime orange slices. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 161: The Tradition of Birthday

When you decide to get a cake to celebrate your S/O’s birthday, and your sibling asks if they can put there kids name on it because it’s there birthday as well, and you nor your S/O see a problem with it and then the same sibling asks again if you can put their wives name on it because they completed a marathon and you start to wonder if everyone’s name should be on it because clearly, they don’t respect the sacred tradition of Birthday. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 162: Last In Line

When you and your cousins are hanging out while the new generation of little ones run around like psychopaths and you lean over to your cousin and whisper I’m pretty sure I’m not having kids and to your surprise they agree with you, and you realize that you’ll be the last in line that could have passed on your families last name. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 163: I Deleted You

When your Aunt looks at you and with a smile on her face and says that she deleted you on Facebook because she only follows her closest friends, but she’s the nutty aunt anyway so really it’s almost like a win. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 164: That’s Not Great

When your in school and you’re wearing the Tony the tiger watch you just pulled out of the cereal box that morning to school, and you’re the first one to make the crossover to a digital watch and all your friends want to see, to the point you become a distraction and the teacher asks you to put it in your backpack only so that you can pull it out later in the day because you realize your teachers can’t control time but they ask you to take it off again anyway. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 165: Where’s The Wifi

When you’re sitting on your porch and a sudden middle in the afternoon power outage occurs and then seconds later all the neighbourhood kids coming outside and hold their phones up in the air looking for any sign of hope, and you can’t help but laugh as you realize this is the next generation. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 166: Fraud Prevention

When your bank signs you up for a new credit card, because your old one was outdated, and they accidentally trigger the fraud prevention system in your account and you panic only to learn that this happens occasionally when they mail things to customers. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 167: Redneck Cooling

When you buy a new fan and it actually blows out cool air and you wonder where they got this new space age technology but you also realize that you don’t ever have to put a bag of ice on the back of an old desk van again to get the same effect and now the heatwave almost seems bearable. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 168: First Quarter Life Crisis

When you’re caught between a rock and a hard place because on one hand, you want to experience the summer but it’s so hot that you kind of want it to be winter and there doesn’t seem to be a good in between and it sparks your first quarter life crisis. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 169: A Good Cry

When your parents tell you that it’s okay to cry and it opens up so many emotional doors for you, that you basically have a good cry once a week. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 170: Grapes

When the biggest confrontation you’ve ever been in, in your life is whether or not your a green grapes person or a red grapes person. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 171: The Locked Room

When you’re in school and there’s always that one locked room in the school that no one is ever allowed to go into and looks like it’s from a different decade and you can only wonder what mysteries are waiting on the other side, and you come to the conclusion it’s likely where they keep all the test answers. Tomorrow A Different Day.

Day 172: Perks of Broken Bones

When you have a broken arm, during the wrestling unit in school, so you don’t have to deal with the whole rolling around on the floor in someone’s embrace, in a false fight for power, when really it’s just two people sweating on each other in tights. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 173: Risky Business

When you have the house to yourself and you recreate the iconic Risky Business scene, where Tom Cruise dances around in the living room, except halfway through your parents come back because they forgot something and the two of you look at each other awkwardly, before they slowly close the door as if they hadn’t seen anything. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 174: People On The Bus

When you’re just starting high school and you’re on a crowded bus and someone tries to get past you so they push you out of the way, and the grade 12 seniors on the bus ask if you’re okay, and to not worry about people like that, and for the rest of your school year you can’t help but feel like you have some strong allies on the bus, but then they graduate. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 175: What Time Is It?

When you wake up in the morning in a state of delusion and you get ready for school, and head to the bus stop, but it’s still dark out so you check the time and it’s three in the morning so you go home and go back to bed only to be late for class. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 176: New School Year

When you realize you have to take that one subject you hate again because it’s a new school year. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 177: Insomniac Coma

When you have insomnia and haven’t slept for two nights, so you stay up and have a tea party with your imaginary friends, only to get angry at them because they wanted chamomile and all you had was oolong, but then you suddenly wake up and realize you’ve been in a coma for two weeks, and didn’t have insomnia at all. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 178: Pencils

When there’s a global epidemic of the next generation not being able to hold a pencil correctly because their fingers are too weak from using touch screens for their entire toddler life, and you can’t help but feel that this is somehow going to play a part in why the world ends. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 179: Elaborate Wire System

When you’re growing up and your parents tell you that one day you’ll have to eat more than just chicken tenders from restaurants, only to fast forward fifteen years, and your generation is trying to find a way to move them off the kid’s menu and onto the adults menu indefinitely, because it’s 2018 and no one can defeat the love of the chicken tendies. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 180: It’s Not Delivery

When you can’t believe it’s not delivery, and it’s actually Delissio. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.