Tomorrow’s A Different Day (91 – 120)

Day 91: Second Hand Instructions

When you’re an only child and your parents get a new tv or something and you are automatically assigned to help them set it up, and as you’re setting it up you get to that point where the said adult you’re working with gets the instructions out and struggles to read them and you ask if you can help and they say “no” so you’re left to interpret their second hand instructions and ultimately it starts to frustrate you but you don’t say anything because they cherish all the independence they can get and never not want to be a leader. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 92: Sudden Changes

When you’re a kid and you just want to be alone for the day and don’t really want to go out with your friends so you get your parents to say that you can’t go out and play and it works except the next day when you go out you realized that every one went from Pokemon cards to Yugioh cards and you’re now out of the loop and have to watch your friends play. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 93: Life Expansion Packs

When you spend an entire day playing The Sims and all you can think about is the game, even in your dreams you think about the sims then you start to wonder if you’re a sim yourself and if someone is controlling you and suddenly you abruptly wake up in a cold sweat and you realize how much all those real life expansion packs would cost and you cry yourself back to sleep because you realize how poor you actually are. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 94: Fear of Ducklings

When you’re in school and you’re a third grade student learning about animals and life and every year the school gets a few duck eggs that you incubate and watch them everyday for them to hatch, then when some of them do it’s really exciting but then some don’t and you learn about death and the harsh reality of it but you still have five little ducklings and you all sit down to play with them except you have the constant fear of having them poo on you and you quickly realize that as cute as they are, you’d rather not deal with that. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 95: Financially Left Behind

When you and your friends are all playing Runescape as kids but then some of them make the move to World of Warcraft, but you can’t afford to buy it so you stay on your free to play game only to listen to your friends talk about Warcraft and every other commercial is a celebrity talking about it, but you stay loyal to your brand even though your the only one that still plays it and fifteen years later your practically an oracle to all the new players. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 96: To Old For This

When it’s halloween night and you and your friends go out trick or treating and you’re well over the local age group of other trick or treaters and as the sunsets and you walk down the dark streets, eventually to go up to one house with what appears to be a hay stuffed person on the front lawn, and beside them is a fake chainsaw and you hesitantly walk beside it but never take your eyes off it and you knock on the door, while your friends are behind you but no one comes to the door and you turn around and the stuffed dummy now stands at the very bottom of the stairs and traps you on the porch and raises the fake chainsaw up and you scream with an inhumanely high pitched scream that’s scarier then everything else that going on and you soon realize you’re getting to old for this. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 97: You’re Not Seven Anymore

When you’ve spent your afternoon watching tv shows and then when you finally decide to get up and move you make an oomph sound unintentionally and you realize that you’re getting older since only dad’s make those kind of noises and then you stand up straight and your knees crack and you sadly come to the conclusion that your not seven years old and that your twenty five year old self needs to accept the harsh reality. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 98: Screaming Electronics

When most of the electric appliances in your house sound like they’re screaming in agony and making a variety of different sounds, that you just stop and listen and you wonder if thats normal even though it clearly isn’t and every time you start the dish washer or the stove, you get ready to pack your bag so you don’t have to explain the chaos to your parents. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 99: Being Used By The Cool Kids

When the popular kids ask you for help on their homework, and you realize that this might be your way into the popular world but you have to turn your back on your friends, only a while later you realize they are just using you to do their homework and that you’ll never be able to hangout with your child and their cool friends, and you’ll always just be a parent, but deep down you’ll always remember the day you caught you child singing and performing the choreography to Stick To The Status Quo from High School Musical in front of the bathroom mirror. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 100: Almost A Third There

When you make up one hundred different scenarios and post them everyday and you quickly realize that there are still two hundred and sixty five days left to go in the year before the project is finally completed and you wonder to yourself how many more stories you still have in the old archive. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 101: Attack From Above

When you’re walking down the stairs and your parent throws a shirt at you and it hit’s a hanging painting, and it falls down and the edge of the frame cracks you in the head and it immediately drops you and in your daze you wonder if this was a message from a higher power as you open your eyes and all you see is a snowy winter scene and you panic because you think you’ve been out for six months and no one ever thought to move you but thankfully thats not the case since it’s just the paintng, and from that day forward you have a deathly fear of paintings. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 102: Salsa Pizza

When you’re at a restaurant and you have a fairly young child with you and you order them a small cheese pizza but they replace the tomato sauce with salsa and you give one piece to the child and they immediately have a reaction to it and start to feel sick so you pick him up and not a second later he regurgitates it down your back so you opt out to drive home while your significant other stays and eats with your friends and you knew from the beginning that the pizza was a bad idea but your significant other thought otherwise and now you’re suffering for their arrogance. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 103: Raining Serenity

When you wake up in the morning and it’s still slightly dark in your room, and it’s raining outside and it bounces off the window which brings an odd feeling of peace and relaxation, and then you hear your parents shrill scream echo out and your moment of serenity comes to a halt and it’s unfortunately time to get up and start your rainy day of doing nothing. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 104: Take ‘Em Off The Line

When you’re learning how to drive and you’re in the car with your mother and she’s sit next to you uncomfortably because she’d rather be in control of the car, and you’re not a bad driver but you turn to look at her and you see a car stopped beside you at the red light and immediately your obsession with drag racing shows kicks in and you look at your mother and you say “buckle up, we’re gonna take this guy off the line” and next thing she knows you floor it for like three seconds but only until you get to the speed limit then you stop because you’re a responsible individual and you respect the law. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 105: Break Up Therapy

When you’re friends are having a movie night and you’re excited because it’s been forever, and you think you’re going to be watching an action intense movie with lots of explosions or something and then you get there and your one friend is in tears because they’re still recovering from a break up and together you join your other friend and head on down to the basement and on the table sits three movies, Up, Frozen, and Moana and you realize that emotions are about to run deep and that you’re likely going to cry and this isn’t what you signed up for, but an hour later the three of you are singing Let It Go at the top of your lungs and it’s the best form of mental therapy that you didn’t realize you needed, except the song gets stuck in your head. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 106: Miles Away From Home

When you and your friend go for a walk and you get lost in conversation and the next thing you know you’re both miles away from home in the heat and your friend who has a lacking sense of distance doesn’t realize how far you are but together you begin to trek back to your home’s and while you walk your friend blatantly states that you are now in charge of everything distance wise and you realize that no matter what this will always happen because you’ll forget so you start bringing a water bottle, because it’s always better to be prepared since you never know when they’re going to try and kill you again. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 107: Floor Bed

When it’s late at night and you’re not really sure why you’re up but for some reason you choose to lay on the floor, and you suddenly realize why your pet spends most of it’s time there, and before you know it they come and curl up beside you, and the next thing you know you wake up and you’re still on the floor cuddling your pet, and you realize at that time that the floor is just as good as your bed and it sends you into an existential crisis. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 108: Saturday Night Without The Boys

When it’s Saturday night and you’re not with the boys. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 109: Go Make Friends

When you’re at a party and there’s so many people that nobody can move, and the music is blaring louder then you can talk and you can feel your social anxiety starting to rise and it’s practically ready to explode, and with no other choice you walk into the middle of the room and call 911 and report the party as a noise violation and then go put your shoes on as the cops show up and they clear out the residence and then you ask them for a ride home and they say just this once and you get home and your parents open the door, while quickly noticing the cop car behind you and they ask what happened and you respond with that’s why I don’t go make friends and you leave it at that. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 110: Cherish The Moment

When it’s Father’s day and you go with your Mother and your Grandmother to the place your grandfather was buried and you spend a good portion of the morning then and it’s become tradition and you can’t help but feel that spiritual connection while you’re there and deep down you find a new sense of determination because you want to make them proud and they had a big part in raising you, and it’s on this day you spend time with everyone of your role models and three generations of the family, and you learn to cherish it. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 111: Silence

When your Mom is able to silence the entire house or your friends house just by saying the word enough in such a way that it strikes fear into your heart but also the guilt that you get from when they say they’re disappointed in you and overall it’s a total mental shut down and you almost feel like you’d have a better chance at befriending a halloween movie killer then trying to reason with your Mom at this point. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 112: Journalistic Relationship

When you’re part of a journalism club in school, and it’s one of those underrated clubs where only six people show up, four of them in like their first year of high school, and you and a past love interest are the two oldest ones, and when it’s valentines day, your teacher asks you what you want to do articles on and suggests something about dating in high school, and you and your past love both in unison say no because of the rocky road the two of you went on and your high school hearts struggle to even believe in love anymore but you’re quick response also gets a laugh from the teacher if only he knew. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 113: Party Of One

When it’s your birthday and you look at a photo of one of your earlier birthday’s and it’s you with all your childhood friends in the backyard eating freezies, and you remember those good ol’ times and it warms your heart but then you notice your crush holding hands with your best friend and your inner four year old self feels betrayed because you shared a ring pop with them and then they do this behind your back, and you can’t help but wonder if that why they never made a move because they knew they had betrayed you at a young age but then you realize that, that’s silly and you carry on with your party…of one. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 114: Hide The Hole

When it’s your 14th birthday and your parents get you guitar hero because you were playing at your friends house, and you made the joke that you wanted it, only the night prior the game made you mad and the next day you wake up to see it there, and you get mad because the things you actually wanted seemed so much better and unable to contain your frustration you slam a door and it hits a shelf and leaves a hole in the wooden door and your attitude does a complete one eighty as you try to figure out how to fix the door but you know that’s not how wood works and you find yourself admitting to your parents your mistakes and they flip the door around to hide the hole, and you wonder if you’ll ever get another birthday present in your life. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 115: Backyard Treasure

When you want to be a treasure hunter like Lara Croft or Nicolas Cage so you go into your backyard with a shovel and start digging a hold but then you strike a water pipe, you realize you’re in a lot of trouble as it shoots up like a geyser and all you can do is watch as it falls back down around you and you realize you need to call someone so you call the top fountain designer that appears on google, and two hours later you and half the neighbourhood are there watching the water and you’re in a lot more trouble at this point as the sirens echo in the distance. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 116: Prayer Reversal

When you stay up late at night and you go one social media and you see your friends doing so much better at life then you that the only thing your brain can think to do is pray, and you’ve never truly done it before so it’s kinda weird but after you do it you realize you feel this weird tingly sensation like you’ve been awakened but you quickly realize that maybe sending a giant monster to destroy the town wasn’t the most appropriate thing to pray for at three in the morning and you try to take it back but it’s to late. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 117: In Retrospect

When you’re at the ripe young age of 13 and you’re playing Runescape and one day while you’re playing you see someone looking for a gf and they’re offering gold and you think that’s normal so you go make some money cutting down trees and what not and you finally type the same message and you get swarmed and you wonder why only to learn years later that what you were doing was far worse then you realized. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 118: Let’s Get Awkward

When you’re looking to meet someone and your best friend tells you to use the pick up line you have so you strut your stuff toward someone you find attractive and they’re alone so you lean up beside them and they look over at you and completely winging it you say Do you want to get awkward together then you both stand there quietly and you just decide to get up and leave because you’re embarrassed only to have them grab your wrist and you realize that they do want to be awkward together. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 119: Taste The Rainbow

When you finally get to the point that your about to have your first kiss, and you and the person your dating are moving your faces closer together and then your lips touch and it’s a magical moment except your inner awkwardness comes out as you pull away from each other and the first thing you say afterword is taste the rainbow and you kill the moment. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Day 120: Not Another Fountain

When it’s Canada day and everyone thinks you celebrate it with everything Canadian but honestly you just hang out with your parents and maybe a couple friends and if your lucky you get to see a firework that goes higher then eight feet that isn’t a fountain, but yet at the same time you love every second of it, firework or not. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

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