Blog Post (Day 51-100)

Day 51: A Debatable Week

Day 51:

Let me just start off by saying that as debatable as I feel about this week, in no way am I calling it a failure. Now jumping right into it, some of this weeks goals were met which is better then what I can say for the last two struggling weeks. Yet even then there were still some mild successes during those struggles. So let’s begin the recap, and I’ll clarify what exactly has been going on.

Goal 1: So this was in a sense a two part goal mixed into one. This was also the primary goal for this week and I can happily say that the story surpassed my 40k goal and is still going strong however the second part of this goal was to justify whether or not a third story should be made to make it into a trilogy which at the end of the day it could all be merged together into one mega book. So as of now there will be a third book since there’s still so much story to tell and it’s almost identical in length to the first book. So that’s the plan on that front.

Goal 2: Here’s where things got a little rocky this week. Going into this week I had an ending set out for the rewrite, however I didn’t have a means to justify the end. However I recently realized I wrote myself into a plot hole, but that can easily be rectified. Anyways what I’m trying to say is that there’s a no ending to the story, that compliments the hero’s journey and show’s growth in the main character where the other ending didn’t necessarily give off that feeling. A few chapters were written as well this week so it’s made a fair amount of progress. So this was a successful goal I believe.

Goal 3: This one was pretty self explanatory and if you follow along this week you would realize that it was a successful Writer Wednesday. The story promoted this week is Plain Jane, my female lead, Action/Romance story. So this goal gets a check mark as well.

Goal 4: To keep it plain and simple, this one didn’t happen but that isn’t very surprising. It was optional after all.

Anyways that covers pretty much everything that happened this week. Overall I think it was a successful week and a positive turn around for kind of a lack lustre streak. So with all of that being said I just want to say thank you to those that see this and I hope you have a good weekend, and I’ll be back Monday with a new list that will likely look really similar to this week. Till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 52: Short & Sweet

Day 52:

Welcome back everyone. Y’know if these were done once a week this would mark an entire year, unfortunately that’s not the case. Anyways like the title says, I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet.

So let’s start with the weekend. To put it simply two chapters of the rewrite were finished over the course of the two days, which is less then I anticipated, however with that being when the sequel story that is The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson Vol. 2 ends, all efforts will be focused on the rewrite and it’ll be seen to completion since I’m already have a month behind now.

Now let’s move to this weeks goals.

Goal 1: The primary goal for this week is to complete The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson sequel. I’m planning to try and restrict everything down to 6-8 chapters so that it matches the first story, and then in a few weeks begin the final volume. So with that being said in a perfect world this goal could be completed first thing Wednesday but I doubt that’ll be the case.

Goal 2: This goal’s focus is on the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack. It’s getting to the point I want it to be at and there should only be a few more chapters to go as it crosses over to Novella length. For now though it’s the casual side project that my nights will focus on while I try and tie everything together, while emotionally destroying myself.

Alright so that’s this weeks goals, since again I’m trying to keep it short and sweet and I’m using this week as a catchup to tie up some loose ends. In turn though this should also lead to a short recap on Friday which is never a bad thing. Well for now that is all I have for you, and I hope you all have a good week and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 53: Ripple Effects

Day 53:

Well to start this off I didn’t expect this week to turn out the way that it did. I set on this week with two goals, both seeming simple enough and that would have been the reality if everything went to plan. Unfortunately a miscommunication set me back greatly. Here’s a little behind the scene’s for all of you.

Basically early last week, I agreed to help a friend of the family unload a truck, full of hardwood and such that he needed for a job. So it was suppose to happen last Thursday or Friday, It didn’t happen. Then I was told Monday didn’t happen, then I was told to meet him at 8:30 AM on Tuesday and wasted three and a half hours standing around to which I had to play catch up when I got home only to have to go back out from 9 AM to 1:30 PM to which it finally got done, but it set me back an entire because mentally I just couldn’t write. So now we’re here. This review from here should be fairly short.

Goal 1: This wasn’t accomplished but is the main focus of my day today so I can write out a few more chapters and put the story at the tipping point. Thankfully the pieces of the puzzle are all there and it’s practically taking place in the final scene so it should be easy to conclude everything at least in this rough first draft.

Goal 2: For this goal it was left pretty open ended and with everything that happened I still managed to make some distance on this front so I’m satisfied with the progress made on this project to say the least.

Well that pretty much concludes all of this for the week. There’s not much else to say really except that I hope you all have a good weekend, have fun, and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 54: One Goal

Day 54:

How’s it going everyone, we’re back here for another week, and this week the goals are the shortest they’ve ever been.

To start off though let’s quickly recap the weekend. So if you go to the last post you can see that I was discussing only having a couple chapters left for the sequel of The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson, and that became my main priority for the weekend and ended up finishing it on Saturday. Which overall is a relief since that story was slowly starting to drain me mentally.

With that being said I did also work on The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite and got another chapter locked in on that one, which brings us to my goal for this week.

Goal 1: My only goal for this week is to complete The 30 Pound Backpack Rewrite. In my mind it’s only a couple heartfelt chapters out as all the pieces are slowing being weaved together to bring out a healthy ending for the story, but guess we’ll have to find out.

I’m leaving this as the exclusive goal for this week since I’m already so far behind in completing this. It was originally planned to be finished in mid July so it’s nearly a month overdue and it needs to be completed. Since I feel I’m capable of doing that with the sequel story moving into editing and everything else.

Overall this week should be that difficult and in a way I’m going back to my roots of doing one story a day, and here’s hoping I’m not still writing it by the end of the week. Anyways that’s all I got for you today. I hope you all have a good week and I’ll be back on Friday with an update. Till then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day and to have fun.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 55: Can’t Complain

Day 55:

This weeks follow up Friday should be pretty quick and easy since it was a one goal week. That being said let’s hop right into it and then discuss what’s next on the agenda.

Goal 1: So the goal was to complete The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite’s first draft, to say the least that hasn’t happened yet and I feel I’m still a chapter or two away from actually ending it, maybe even three now that I think about it and write this. Either way I’m going to try and finish it all up over the weekend.

That being said, this weekend also has the potential to be filled with other things, since I do have to start editing The sequel story to The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson, so really this could all get very busy really quickly.

Other then those two things though, that pretty much all I have for the next little bit, since all my efforts are being poured into the rewrite to get it set and ready for potential distribution. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of other things I could include, most of it being social media stuff but the priority remains to be the main stories.

So that pretty much sums up this week, I hope you all had a good week and here’s to an even better weekend. Hope to see those of you that see this on Monday and till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 56: A New Week Begins

Day 56:

Well, here we are everyone, another wonderful Monday morning. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and my characters are hell-bent on driving me insane, what more could I ever ask for. I hope you all had a good weekend and let’s jump right into this with a view of what my weekend looked like.

Starting off I did try to get some work done on the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack, and I did I managed to get another 2 chapters done roughly, and I assumed if I got to that point I’d have one chapter left most likely. Well, it wasn’t instead my characters decided that they had more story to tell, and I found myself exceeding 2000 words on the regular, so that was unfortunate to an extent, but A win I suppose on another.

Then alongside that, I started the edit for The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson, and got 2 chapters of the 44 done, so that is currently off to a great start and I’m looking forward to keeping up that sort of progress each night since the deadline on that one is closing a little bit more each day. Even though with that being said, the rewrite will remain the primary focus this week.

Now let’s jump into the goals for this week.

Goal 1: The primary goal of this week is to complete The 30 Pound Backpack. In my heart, I know there are only a couple of chapters left since my characters are slowly tying up their stories, one by one. Hopefully, by Wednesday the story will be done because I’m anticipating to write two and a half chapters since I believe that’s when the story will end.

Goal 2: Usually at night, I’ve been working on the rewrite constantly but now a week has passed since Fate Anderson ended, so it’s time to start the edit. Meaning that the edit will now replace working on the rewrite in my nightly writing sessions, and by the end of the week, I’m aiming to have edited 12 of the chapters.

Now to finish this off on a bit of a different note, on my horizon I’m aiming to revamp a view of social media’s and try and get involved more. Also, I’m trying out Grammarly for the first time and I’m going to see how that goes.

Anyways that’s all I have for you today. These are this week’s goals and I’ll be back on Friday to report back my failures since this is my effort to keep everything transparent. For now, though I hope you all have a good week and come back on Friday to see what happened and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 57: So Close To The End\

Day 57:

Welcome back everyone to day fifty-seven of this what seems to be an uneventful blog. This week has practically been a roller coaster as I tried to get my work done. Hopefully, I won’t waste much of your time today as I reflect on what actually happened today regarding the goals that were previously set. So that being said let’s jump right into it.

Goal 1: So if you don’t recall, this goal was all about The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite. Which I have good news and bad news for, but let’s rip the band-aid off and start with the negative. As of the time of writing this, the story still isn’t done, but all that’s left is the final chapter which is my priority today. Overall though I’m happy with the result of the previous chapters since they are packed with emotion, or at least that’s how I felt as I tried to fight back the tears as I wrote it.

Goal 2: The goal here was to edit 12 chapters of The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson, but with certain hiccups during the week time was lost in the evening and due to that I only managed to get 6 chapters done, but that being said if I can get The 30 Pound Backpack done this morning then I can spend the afternoon and evening editing.

So even though I didn’t actually make my goals this week, as of right now, there’s still potential to finish them by the end of the day or come really close to. Anyways that’s pretty much all I have for today, just a quick little follow up before I jump right back into work. To all of you that see this, I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday, with the usual upload. Till then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 58: Edit, Edit, Edit

Day 58:

Here we go everyone, jumping right into it today. There is some stuff to recap and then a pretty simple goal list for the week that definitely reflects the title of this post. So enough wasting time, let’s jump right into it.

To start we’ll recap the weekend of what was done over here. First off and the big important one. The rewrite to The 30 Pound Backpack has had its first draft completed and now has been shelved for a week before I look at it and edit it. The ending, however, is still a little iffy in my mind with that being said so I’m sure that will come up in editing, as well as adding additional content for the spots that have an opportunity for another character to express their POV. Overall though the little 6 page short story grew up and is now 107 pages as of now before editing begins and that to me is exciting.

That was Saturday, on Sunday with 30 Pound done, I was able to start doing a mass edit of Gloomy Existence, and managed to get another 5 chapters edited bringing the total up to 11/44 done. Now what I did that it was only over a few hours, maybe five in total, so a chapter an hour, and this takes us to our one and only goal this week.

Goal 1: So with being able to complete 5 chapters in an hour (estimated time), I figure that it wouldn’t be a tough goal to see if I could complete editing the entire story in a week, working 12 hours a day to do it. Oh sure I’ll likely hate the story by the end but, it would also help significantly in buying me some time to do a little social media renovating and focusing on 30 Pound when the time comes.

Anyways with all that being said, we’ll see what happens, but I’m sure that this will work on in a positive way and will end up being beneficial by the end of it all. Other then that though, that’s all I got for you today everyone. I hope you have a good week, and I’ll be back here on Friday as usual. Till then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 59: Lot’s of Editing

Day 59:

What’s going on everyone?

If you’ve seen the title of Monday’s and Today’s post you have a pretty good idea about what’s going to be covered in today’s recap. To quickly remind everyone about what was in Monday’s post. This week I only set one goal for myself and the was to edit my upcoming story which is the sequel to The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson.

Goal 1: So the goal was to see if I could completely edit a story by the end of the week, and surprisingly that was exactly what I did. From Monday to Wednesday, I did what I felt like was a full edit then I spent Thursday proofreading it all a second time. So this week’s goal ended up being a complete success.

Now with all of that said and done, let’s move onto this weekends plans, and I’m going to sound like a broken record but, it’s all going to be focused on doing the first edit of The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite. Hopefully, it plays out the same way this week did and I can have the majority of it done by the midweek, but I’ll be starting it tomorrow. There are 25 chapters in the story and if I can get 10 done by Monday that would be Ideal, but my minimum will be to get 5 done.

Today though I’m gonna focus on a bunch of the smaller things that I need to clean up, and potentially do some social media work. Who knows though, what the day will hold, all I know is that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

That’s all from me today, so I hope you all have a good weekend, and I’ll talk to you back here on Monday.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 60: Repeat

Day 60:

Well, here we go another week, another one of these goal pages. Again if you read the title, you’ll see that it says repeat, but what’s repeating you may ask. To put it simply, this weeks goals and such are very similar to last weeks.

However, before we get to that, let’s recap the weekend why don’t we. Again there isn’t some extravagant thing that happened, but in regards to The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite, a good chunk of it has already been edited. As of now, 9 of the 24 Chapters have been edited which is just shy of my goal of 10 that I set for myself this weekend. So this should already give me a significant head start for the week. That being said let’s move to the goals for this week.

Goal 1: Finished the first edit of the rough draft by Wednesday this week, which even if I average 5 chapters a day that should be possible, but I’m aiming to do more today, and wrap it up tomorrow so that I have most of the week to get other things done.

Goal 2: Do a proofread all the chapters after it’s all been thoroughly edited, so that when I do the final edit pass there should be very little left to do, other then look at the flow and if there’s any additional content that needs to be edited or plot holes that need to be filled.

Goal 3: Make the new cover, for the latest version of The 30 Pound Backpack,  when the editing and the proofread has been completed.

(Optional) Goal 4: Work on everything else from Social Media stuff or re-edit the current stories I have on Wattpad, or potentially start the next re-write even, since I’m confident that I will have at least 3 days between the proofread and the final edit.

Anyways that’s pretty much the plan for this week, and potentially even the weekend, but will iron all that out on Friday. For now, these are what I’m focusing on, and hopefully, it all goes off without a hitch. That being said, I hope you all have a great week while I tackle this, and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 61: Closer

Day 61:

And we’re back with the end of the week update. I hope you all had a good week and I’ll try to keep today quick since it’s been a very good week thus far. Also before we jump into that, a quick update on the social media front, I’m going to try and look into updating some accounts because they are currently a little out of date to hopefully get these things to reach a larger audience. Yet with that being said let’s jump right into the goals.

Goal 1: So to kick it off, I can easily say that the goal of completing the first edit of the rough draft was a success, as of Wednesday afternoon, the story had been completely edited so the next edit will take place mid-week, next week.

Goal 2: This goal was also a success, after finishing the edit on Wednesday, I went back and proofread the first 12 chapters, and then finished yesterday. So that it’s been groomed for its final pass next week.

Goal 3: This I haven’t gotten to yet, but I plan to keep it on today’s list to see if I can get to it before I go to sleep tonight. So crossing my fingers.

Goal 4: Again this was just an optional goal, and depending on the efficiency of how I do today, will determine how I approach these in the coming days, these may also become weekend projects but that is yet to be determined.

Alright, so that covers pretty much everything that has been done this week, regarding my projects. That being said though I expect the weekend will be full of the things listed in optional goal 4 from earlier in the week. That being said I’ll be back on Monday with another update, till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 62: Quiet Weekend

Day 62:

Welcome back everyone, to my little blog that continues to exist here on the internet. I hope you all had a great weekend as we jump into this week’s brief recap and outline our course of action for the next five days.

As you can see by the title of this blog post, my weekend was rather quiet, I expected to do some big things with it but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. So basically what happened is I never got around to the covers on Friday so I moved them to be a weekend project. Then on Saturday, I spent the majority of the days cleaning up and deleting files because my computer was moving at a significantly slower pace than normal, but I also started the first cover as well. Moving on to Sunday I finished both of the two covers and then worked heavily on queueing posts on WordPress and writing some new Tomorrow’s A Different Day for Tumblr, meaning that a significant portion of things got left out and that leads to the goals this week.

Goal 1: Start the final edit of The 30 Pound Backpack and get halfway through by Friday since the edit starts on Wednesday. Here’s hoping the story moves fluently and there aren’t any critical errors.

Goal 2: Queue up and finish catching up social media’s since the accounts were updated. That will be focused on these next two days.

Goal 3: There are some minor things I would like to do on Wattpad to help move my stories and get them more attention, as well as revising some of them so that they don’t look as rough as they currently do. Again that’ll be the focus for Today (Monday) and tomorrow.

Other than that I can’t really think of anything else that I have to immediately get done, so with that I’m just going to leave this here. I hope you all have a good week and like always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day and I’ll see you all back here on Friday.

-Li. A. Wake.

Day 63: Busy Week

Day 63:


Here we go everyone, I hope you all had a good week, and if you’re stopping by to quickly check this out, just know it’s very much appreciated. Now I won’t waste your time, and we’ll jump right on into it because I don’t believe there is anything that happened outside of the goals this week, but that may change after we go over them, anyway here we go.


Goal 1: So this goal reflected my intentions for the current edit of The 30 Pound Backpack. At the moment I’m in the process of doing the second pass of the story, and by the looks of it, I’ll have it done later today. However with that being said, when I made the goal, I planned for it to not have to be edited again and that this pass would be the last one. However, while going through the story, there are fewer errors, but I’m still uncomfortable releasing it, so it’ll be subject to another proofread, and a third pass. The third edit pass though will happen almost immediately since it’s just to clean it up.


Goal 2: This goal was completed, on Monday and Tuesday I spent the day’s queueing up the vast majority of my work on the updated sites. It drove me borderline insane, but it’s not. There are a few little minor things that need to be addressed but other then that, this goal is complete.


Goal 3: This goal is subject to opinion. In my opinion, I achieved this goal because I did take the time to edit my stories but it was only a couple of them and nothing truly significant if I do say so myself, so I’m happy with the outcome, and it could be considered a success due to the vagueness of the goal I outlined.

Now with all that being said the weekend is the next point to discuss. As stated above in Goal 1, the edits and such have gotten a little out of control, and I believe they need to be addressed immediately and in a prompt fashion. Today my goal is to finish editing the last 4 chapters, and if it’s possible to proofread them as well, then Saturday & Sunday will be edit days again. Then hopefully on Monday, there will be only a little left to do, or it’ll be fluent enough that I managed to complete the edit over the weekend which I’m not crossing my fingers for but it could happen.


With all that said, there is one thing I’d quickly like to say and sorta get off my chest, because it’s really been weighing on me, and if there’s any authors or writers out there, please feel free to weigh in. Basically, this story I’ve been working on for this last little while, I’m looking to self-publish it, and I can’t help but realize that I’m holding myself to such a high standard. I know I shouldn’t, and I know no matter what this story isn’t going to be groundbreaking or anything and this week I’ve just been trying to tell myself that.


I’m not saying I don’t believe in my story, because I do. This has been a passion project for so long that to actually have it at this point, where I start actually trying to make something of it, makes me really proud. I just hope that even though it’s my first story that others out, there will see my stories worth as well, and I’m at the hardest part where it’s time to jump and I just need to do it. So no matter what happens thank you for being a part of this process with me. That being said I feel I’ve wasted enough of your time today, that I’ll be signing off now. I hope you all have a good weekend and I hope to see you back on Monday. Again thank you everyone, and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.


-Li. A. Wake

Day 64: The Third Times The Charm

Day 64:

How’s it going everyone, welcome back to my quiet little corner of the internet. I hope you all had a good weekend and ready to jump into this next week together. I know I sure am after not really thinking about what I laid out in terms of my anticipation for the weekend. Let me just say boy was I wrong, so on that note let’s hop right into the weekend recap, and then the plan for this week.

Alright so reflecting on the events that transpired over the weekend in comparison to what my plan was for Friday. I initially said that I was going to spend the weekend editing and hopefully complete the story by Monday or have very little to do today. Well, unfortunately, that was by far the case. Over the weekend and after doing things outside of my stories and stuff, the time just wasn’t there. So instead of getting my ambitious Friday self to the end of the story, my Sunday self managed to get me to the fifth chapter. So there is still a long road, now let’s get to the Goals.

Goal 1: If it’s not obvious from the upper paragraph, Goal 1 for this week will be focusing on the edit. I’m budgeting for the next three days but the goal is to have it done in two so I have the majority of the week left.

Goal 2: Write another chapter for the Rewrite after it’s been edited to really tie the story together, because the epilogue at this point is a little rough, and I think it could be better with another chapter helping to balance it out.

Goal 3: Edit the additional chapter and prepare the rest of the book for publishing, which I’m hoping will completed with goal 2 during the mid-week.

Goal 4: In a perfect world, I’ll get everything else done and I can finally move on to writing my next story. Basically, this goal is just a goal that infers that everything gets completed and we also move forward before the end of Friday.

Anyways that’s the game plan for this week, and I hope that at the end of the day if I can simply complete the entirety of the rewrite this week then I’ll be happy. Only we won’t know what the results are until Friday. So I hope you all have a good week and maybe see you back here at the end of the week to see how badly I failed but hopefully it’s a total success. Till then though remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day and I’ll see you next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 65: I Can See The Light

Day 65:

Welcome back everyone to the infamously uneventful blog. Only this time around, we’re slowly progressing toward actually having something eventful happen. So enough sitting around, let’s jump right into it and recap the goals.

Goal 1: So I can happily say that as of right now the edit is done to what I believe is the best of my ability. Finishing it on Wednesday, it’s given me some time to work on the final steps of completing it. Focusing mainly on the formatting of the story, and only have a few small things left to do, but it depends on Goal 2 & 3

Goal 2 & 3: These goals are today’s primary focus. With the edit as close as it is to move forward comfortably these will be happening today and will likely carry over to tomorrow. The plan is to get the chapter itself done this morning, then put it through 3 rush edits, that are nearly back to back and will also be put through 3 proofreads. That’s the plan anyway and with that said I’m not 100% sure about what’s going to consist in the chapter but the whole point is to go back and wrap everything up. So wish me luck.

Goal 4: Like I said before this was a perfect world goal. This isn’t a perfect world scenario so this goal didn’t pass. It’ll be moved to next week likely or Sunday.

Alright now with this weeks recap out of the way, time to focus on the today and the weekend. So as mentioned above today is going to be focused on the tie-up chapter and its edits, then tomorrow will likely focus on one last edit and then the final formatting and hopefully if all goes well it’ll be ready to be submitted and amongst all that I forgot to mention the story description also needs to be completed. Then Sunday might be used for social media and queueing up more posts or I’ll leave that as a free day and just see what happens.

Now with all that being said, I’d just like to take a second to rant if I may. If you go back in this blog you’ll see many a few posts from early on where I complained about the snow. Well, I’m riding the line again since we had our first snowfall yesterday, so that’s kind of a bummer. Anyways it is what it is, and that concludes this Friday recap.

Remember to have fun everyone, and that’s Tomorrow’s A Different Day. I hope to see you all back here again soon…like maybe Monday, or something when the next post goes up.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 66: New Beginnings

Day 66:

Well, it happened.

After two or so months of looking at the same body of text day in and day out, I can finally say that The 30 Pound Backpack Rewrite has been completed and is currently pending review on Amazon and by all means go searching for it if you like. That being said you can likely expect a link to it on Wednesday come, writer, Wednesday, for now though let’s address what comes next in this week’s goals.

Goal 1: The First goal is simple this week. We’re starting a new story after a month and a half off from writing. My concept for the new story, one that will be published on Wattpad is a billionaire story, but not just any type of billionaire story. Instead, it’ll be one that we twist until we break the norms of its genre, and it’s going to focus on a female lead so I have complete faith in. This week’s word goal 8 – 10k words

Goal 2: With The Thirty Pound Backpack done that means it’s time to start the next rewrite. This time around we’ll be focusing on Blind Beauty. Another story from my past that I always enjoyed and I can’t wait to make those characters flourish even more then they have. This Week’s word goal 6 – 8k Words.

Goal 3: The final goal this week is going to be promoting the published book of The Thirty Pound Backpack and hopefully finally achieve that goal of making my first dollar.

Alright, so that’s the goals for this week. I’m trying to keep this Monday post short and sweet with that being said. I hope those of you that see this have a good week and see you all back here in the upcoming days, and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 67: A Week Of Achievement

Day 67:

In regards to the title, you may have guessed how this post is going to go. Out of that last couple of weeks, I find that this one has definitely been one of the better ones. Regarding stories and everything I’ve strived for, overall it just feels like a really good week.

So let’s get started by working on the recap and then there’s a special announcement in goal 3. So enough dilly-dallying and let’s begin:

Goal 1: Now this goal this week focused on the new story I’m writing involving a female billionaire and so far I can say this one is going great and is the main story that I’m focusing on today. Anyways at the moment it’s called Rachel Riott and has 7155 words, thus far. The goal was 8-10k and that will certainly be a goal we hit today.

Goal 2: This goal involved working on the new rewrite of Blind Beauty, the goal here was simply to get it to 6k words, which is absolutely what I did. I use the old story as the reference and if you compare the two I’m only halfway through the second chapter which means that at this rate this is going to be a very long book but that might also be a good thing.

Goal 3: This is the goal that I’m most proud of this week, I finally took the plunge and self-published my first book and because of that, I’m currently running a free promotion on it, and I’ll be sharing the link to it here. It’s free until Sunday, September 23, and is free in multiple regions, not just the link that’s provided. Anyways with that said here is the link to the story if those of you that actually see post want to go take a look at it.

Amazon Story Link: 

Anyways that basically concludes the activities of this week, so we’ll just briefly touch on the details of the weekend. First off, I’ll probably be focusing mainly on the Blind Beauty rewrite I’m thinking since it’s the one that’s delayed more than the other, the other possibility is alternate the days I work on either. Basically, it’s going to involve a lot of writing as well as trying to promote the book.

Other than that I don’t really have any plans, so with that being said I hope you all have a good weekend and maybe take a look at my book. That’s only a suggestion though, so go have fun and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 68: Baby Steps

Day 68:

Well, it’s already Monday again, and early in the morning as usual, as I write this. All of this following a weekend that brought upon it the basic first steps of learning how to promote a book. For those of you who don’t know. Last week I self-published my first book called The Thirty Pound Backpack, a story that shares the namesake of a story I already wrote and linked to on Wattpad. That being said only small parts of the story are identical but in reality, the once 6-page story is now 184. I digress though that’s not really important, what is important though is what comes next.

Last night on September 23rd, 2018. My first free promotion ended and over the 4 days that it was free I felt like it got a healthy response especially as someone who had just appeared on the scene, but now I find myself asking what’s next.

Now that it’s no longer free how do I start getting people to actually buy the damn thing and that’s sorta where my goals start today.

Goal 1: Get Rachel Riott to 20k words by the end of the week. So this is this week’s main goal because this is the new original story. At the moment it’s just sitting under 9000 but with some hard work and determination, I’m sure I can get really close to that especially now since the fun stuff is just starting to happen in the story. Over the weekend I didn’t really touch this story but that could change next weekend if that goal isn’t met.

Goal 2: Get the Blind Beauty rewrite to 18-20k words. Working on this title during the weekend, I was able to bring it closer and past the word count of Rachel Riott. Currently, the story is sitting at just over 10k words so I’m putting it on the back burner for the time being as Rachel Riott progress. That being said in the grand scheme of things Blind Beauty has hardly made a dent in its template story and currently if I had to guess it’s on a collision course of 80k words if not 100k.

Goal 3: As mentioned above in the opening blurb, this goal has been reserved to be used as a research goal as I develop a game plan on how to progress with my book on Amazon. I have some ideas but really it’s going to be a lot of prep and excitement over the next 30 days as I figure all of this out.

Other than that I don’t think there is much more to bring up. So those are the goals for this week now let’s hope I can meet them, aside from goal 3 which is simply a research-oriented objective. That being said I hope all of you who see this have a good week, and I hope you come back on Friday when the next post goes up. Until then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 69: Catastrophe

Day 69:

Well as I always say by the title you should be able to come to a conclusion about what this blog post will cover.

This week overall has been a catastrophe to an extent of course. I’m not saying it’s been an awful week but production wise, all the goals went up in flames practically and now I’m sitting here with what is basically a box of lego blocks and I’m trying to rebuild for the coming weekend.

That being said the catastrophe came from working on The Thirty Pound Backpack’s print version and tweaking the Ebook. Those two things consumed the majority of my days and didn’t allow me to work on anything else so that in a way acted like a bulldozer to the plan.

Now with all that said I did get some work done so let’s quickly review the goals and see what we can make of them.

Goal 1: So starting with Rachel Riott that story was supposed to get to around 20k words this week, overall it hit somewhere between 15-16k which is practically a whole day of writing below its goal. So this one was a failure.

Goal 2: I projected Blind Beauty’s rewrite to hit somewhere between 18-20k  and yet I haven’t even touched it yet so it’s at 10k words and may become today’s main focus but nothing is set in stone yet. So again this goal was a failure.

Goal 3: Now I worked on this a little bit and did some research about where I could post thing. That being said I lowered the price of my story to allow it to be shared to multiple sites, so instead of 2.99 it’s now .99 cents on the US Amazon store. Here’s the link if anyone is interested in a cheap Teen Fiction / Young Adult book: 

Now with all that said and done let’s turn to the weekend. Clearly already far behind there’s a couple options but it’s hard to determine what is the best. On one hand, I should focus my efforts on Rachel Riott because that is sort of a timed deadline and I have a rough month to complete it, then there’s Blind Beauty which has slipped back significantly but is the one holding potential monetary gain at this time. Or then there’s promoting The Thirty Pound Backpack which likely will happen in some capacity, either way, it’s just getting to that point. So that’s what my weekend looks like and I can only hope it works out for the better. I guess we’ll know on Monday, but for now, this is me signing off for the day, and always remember tomorrow’s a different day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 70: A Better Week

Day 70:

Well, I hope all of you who see this have had a good weekend and are ready to read another quick blog post. So basically the core of this post is solely based on the fact that I need to have a better week this week. As stated on Friday, what happened last week was a catastrophe as it related to the goals that I set for myself. Yes, on one had I ended up being a little more optimistic then I should have been and some unknown factors came out of nowhere and sideswiped me. Yet with all that being said I have higher hopes for this week…which isn’t saying much.

Also to follow up on the weekend, and my activities that took place. My main focus stayed on Rachel Riott, as I tried to get as close as I could to the 20k mark. Currently, it sits just over 19k words and will likely be the main focus during this coming week.

Now with that being said let’s hop right into the goals for this week.

Goal 1: This goal will focus on Rachel Riott, again as mentioned above it sits at 19k words, so I’m aiming for maybe 26k by the end of the week. Hopefully, that’ll be a reasonable goal this time around.

Goal 2: This goal will be focused on Blind Beauty and getting it to potentially 15k words since I didn’t even touch it last week and really need to start getting some progress done on that front. So hopefully I’ll be able to get to that at some point.

Goal 3: Advertising The Thirty Pound Backpack and finding out ways to get people interested in it. So far the book hasn’t really moved since the free promotion that happened over a week ago and I really need to find a way to change that, so I’m sure at some point I’ll be researching different ways over the week.

So that basically wraps all of that up, those are the hopefully achievable goals for this week, and now all that is left is to start pursuing them. Wish me luck everyone and hopefully, this Friday will be different from last weeks. Till then though Tomorrow’s A Different Day, and with that, I’ll see you all later.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 71: Definitely A Better Week

Day 71:

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to Day 71 of this uneventful blog, where I simply narrate how sad my week was, or at least that would be the case if this was last week, but no instead it’s this week and this week has been a rather positive week so I’m genuinely really happy about that and even the snow is melting. All in all, it could have been better but this is a definite step up from last week.

However, with that being said let’s go into detail about what really happened this week, and why it was such a better week.

Goal 1: The goal was to get Rachel Riott to 26k words this week and I can happily say that is what happened. It even passed the mark by a couple hundred words so that is another positive and puts me ahead for when I return to it.

Goal 2: This goal was to get Blind Beauty up to 15k and ultimately I believe that this is what I’ll likely be working on today, I managed to get an additional 1000 words on it yesterday so that it’s now sitting at 11k so 4k more to go and it’ll be at goal which if I had to guess will be more then possible to achieve today.

Goal 3: The goal was kind of left behind in the dust, I got a little done for it earlier on in the week but overall it fit goal’s 3 tradition of never being completed so I can’t really comment further on this one.

Now with that out of the way, let me go into my weekend plan or at least what I hope gets accomplished. At this time, I’m thinking that my focus for this weekend will be directed to the Blind Beauty rewrite and seeing how far I can advance that forward, then I’ll return to Rachel Riott likely on Monday. Then somewhere during that, I’m hoping to move forward on some new advertising attempts as well.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else to say so I’ll be signing off and I hope those of you who read this have a good weekend and I’ll check back in on Monday with hopefully a positive tone from what I get accomplished. Until then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day

– Li. A. Wake

Day 72: Long Week Ahead

Day 72:

How’s it going everyone, I hope you had a moderately decent weekend and are well rested and reluctant to go to work/school today. Also to my Canadian brethren out there I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving weekend.

Now with all the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get down to business, and I’ll go over what my weekend consisted of, other than a Thanksgiving dinner. So going back to Friday I mentioned working on Blind Beauty, and that’s precisely what I’ve done and all I’ve done this weekend. Writing an additional 7k words for it, I think it’s slowly coming together but the road ahead is still long and winding, and it’ll be a while before I ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to get to the advertising portion of my plans and reflecting on that I really wish I had but I got to keep moving forward since I don’t have time to look back. Now let’s get into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: The primary focus of this week will once again be on Rachel Riott. I’m hoping like last week to write 6k words for it to get it up to 32k. If all goes well, I’m hoping to have this goal done by the middle of the week, and that’s what I’ll be striving to do even though I’ve been struggling to write a bit lately.

Goal 2: The Second goal of the week will be advertising The Thirty Pound Backpack. From looking for people to review it, to just getting it out there in general. I felt like advertising needed to be moved up to the second spot and become of more importance than last week since I really let it fall behind.

Goal 3: When everything is said and done this week, then I’ll turn my attention to Blind Beauty but since it’s already been focused on extensively lately. Putting it on the back burner for the time being even though I’m excited to continue it when the time comes but Rachel Riott is now the more important project to focus on.

With those three goals now laid out, the only thing left to do is chase them. I definitely think Rachel Riott will have some good advancements in it, and if you see this and want to take a look at The Thirty Pound Backpack the link is above and I’d really appreciate it. Anyways that’s all I have for today, so have a good week everyone and I’ll be back on Friday with updates and hopefully with a fair amount of progress on what’s listed above. Now all that’s left is to remind you all the Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 73: It Was Like I Could See The Future

Day 73:

This week’s title is different from usual since it’s not as obvious at first glance, but trust me it’ll all make sense in the next couple paragraphs, hell maybe even the next couple sentences. Basically what I’m getting at is on Monday I titled it Long Week Ahead and boy I couldn’t have been more right.

It all started on Monday night when my modem crashed and I went Wifi-less for 39 hours. At first, it sucked but I figured at least I could do something else to maintain my time but then like a punch to the guy another was on its way. Waking up Tuesday, I fell to food poisoning and was left immobile until the end of Wednesday but let me just say Tuesday might have been the longest day of my life or at least the longest day I’ve had in a long time.

Anyways moving on from the stuff above, the goals were threatened by the illness but at the end of the day as bad as the week might have been to my body production wise I am happy with the outcome of the goals for the most part. So let’s jump right into the goals.

Goal 1: So this week’s primary focus was Rachel Riott, the goal I had set on Monday was to get the story to 32k words and thankfully I managed to get that done and still have an entire day to work on it. That being said given the circumstances I would have had it done on Tuesday but because of what was stated above that happened to get delayed so if there was one thing I could change that would be it.

Goal 2: Now this goal was focused on advertising The Thirty Pound Backpack. This is a goal I still feel like I should have spent more time on, but again circumstances weren’t ideal. That being said though I did manage to post it on my social media’s and on the odd website here and there now I’m just spending my days praying someone takes a look at it, and maybe it’ll get a review or something. Who knows, I’m just praying for the best.

Goal 3: Now in retrospect, I’m glad that goal 3 was what it was. The focus for this one was Blind Beauty but I put it as the non-priority goal this week because of how extensively I worked on it last week and I’m glad I did because I sadly don’t have time to even think about working on it because all my time is still devoted to Rachel Riott.

So with the recap of this week over and done with it’s time to look to the future, and discuss what the weekend ahead is going to look like. As mentioned above I mentioned how my time is devoted on Rachel Riott, and truthfully I’m thinking that’s going to be the weekend project since I can see the ending in my head and I’d like to get there sooner than later. That being said I can’t get that done here so this is me signing off thank you for taking time to read this and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 74: Lighting A Fire Under My A**

Day 74:

Well to put it simply. Things have to change and fast. What a way to start a Monday is the best way for me to describe how quickly my life sort of fell apart this morning. Those of you who may not know or haven’t seen the old posts, I’ve been on financial assistance from the government since the beginning of the year. All of that changed today, and I no longer have any support. That being I’m still in a relatively good position and this isn’t me begging for help just maintaining the whole transparency thing with my readers.

Today is definitely a day where I plan to make things change now that I’m basically back at ground zero. Observing my options and trying to push The Thirty Pound Backpack are my definitely much higher up on my list now of priority but I’m still going to do whatever I can to create strong and meaningful content for those of you who read it. So I’m not backing down I’m simply kicking everything into hyperdrive in hopes of getting back on my feet sooner than later and out of this manic freefall.

So with that said let me quickly go over my weekend and then jump right into the goals for this week. I think that’ll be a fair starting point for this new chapter.

So over the weekend, my priority focused on Rachel Riott. Doing everything I could to move that forward I made a fair amount of progress and completed 3 – 4 chapters. However, that was all that I got done in regards to that but it will be again in the goals that will now be listed below.

Goal 1: Rachel Riott – This story reminds the top priority even with everything that’s happened today. Even though my efforts should be focused elsewhere at this time,  I’m still committed to my craft and getting stuff done. That being said the word goal for Rachel Riott this week is going to be to add 12k words and push it to the 50k mark, where I’m hoping to end. Again the theme this week is Hyperdrive. That being said it’s not going to be easy but it’s better to shoot high and miss than shoot low.

Goal 2: Advertising and finding any potential source of revenue. This one comes with the news that I received earlier today. My goal is to push The Thirty Pound Backpack much harder then I have been in hopes that people finally start picking up a copy of the book. That being said this goal all comes down to me and how serious I take it and with what I have planned I’m hoping I can wrap my head around it quickly.

Goal 3: Blind Beauty – As the next story to be put up on Amazon, this story still holds a significant spot of priority. As a soon to be revenue stream I can’t just have this story sitting around collecting dust I need it moving sooner than later and with that said as soon as Rachel’s done this thing will become a runaway train for the remainder of the month. I have zero doubts about that.

Now with my whole life story now written out in this blog post, it’s time I start getting to work and doing whatever I can to prove once again in my life that I can do it, and that I don’t just see this as a game this is real life and I’m going to seize the day, and as I always say Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Your friend,

Li. A. Wake

Day 75: A Good Start

Day 75:

What’s going on Everyone, it’s Friday morning as I write this as usual, and I just wanted to say that this week has been a good start as I throw things into overdrive to try and move more ground in a shorter period of time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean my situation has changed, everything is still as critical as it was Monday but I was able to move one obstacle out of my way. With that said let’s get right into recapping this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Rachel Riott – So the goal this week was to get 12k words done, and push the story to 50k words well I can just say that goal was achieved and then pushed even further in the course of the week I wrote close to 20k words and took the story from 37k words to 57k words. Which in turned meant that the story was completed yesterday and unfortunately given the situation it’s put me in a bit of a bind, and I’m debating whether or not that will be my final original for this year that I post to since I’ll be focusing more on the Amazon stuff from this point moving forward. That being said I might still have some small projects that go up just to keep me from going insane, as I try to catch up to myself. So there are some big questions here.

Goal 2: Advertising – This goal is today’s primary focus, I wished that I could have gotten here sooner but given the situation with Rachel Riott, it was pushed back a fair amount till today. I’m not sure where I’m going to look for solutions or places to post that I haven’t already, but that’ll just be part of the experiment I guess. The goal is to just get a review and maybe a couple purchases. Just little things like that would change my spirit. So because of that, I have to do this. If you’re looking for a new emotionally trigger Teen Fiction / Romance story, please check out The Thirty Pound Backpack, It’s only $.99, and you can read it over and over again.

Goal 3: Blind Beauty – For what remains of the year, and as mentioned in Goal 1. Blind Beauty might take the spotlight for the rest of the year since it’s part of what will hopefully one day be part of a revenue stream alongside The Thirty Pound Backpack. Again it’s all about trying to catch stories up to one another so that I don’t have this massive surplus of stories while also doing what I can to increase my currently non-existent income.

That being said I’m still maintaining a positive attitude as I approach the situation ahead and with that said let’s go into the weekend plan to finish this post up.

As of right now, if the advertising stuff goes well today, then the weekend will be primarily for Blind Beauty and trying to get that further along since there are so many chapters in the template and the conversion of the story is already paying off big. I think that by the end the story will be anywhere between 80k – 100k words. That being said by the end of the weekend if I could merely get past 20k that would be ideal since that’d only be 3k or so words.

Anyways that’s all for today. I hope all of you who’ve read this stick around, follow me if you want that’d be cool, and I’ll be back on Monday with more of these uneventful bi-weekly posts. Till then remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 76: Short and Sweet

Day 76:

First off don’t ask about the title I’m not too sure myself, I just thought it sounded nice and I’m going to do my best to tie it into today’s writing. That being said, this Monday morning unlike last is currently going a lot better, which isn’t much, to say the least.

Anyways let’s jump into the recap of the weekend and we’ll go from there. This time around though we’ll be starting on Friday where normally I start on Saturday. The reason we’re starting on Friday, is because for one it was a very productive day and we got a fair amount done, however, I had the intention of trying to advertise my book more and I joined a bunch of Facebook groups, only to make one post before Facebook temporarily disabled my account. To be fair it’s back up but it really put a damper on my mood.

Then moving on to Saturday & Sunday, I focused the majority of my time working on Blind Beauty. Doing nearly 6k words in the two days, I feel like I could do more but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case but it does set the tone for the week, as we jump into the goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – This week Blind Beauty takes the priority spot for this since it’s the only story currently in production. That being said that’s only until the end of Wednesday. The word goal that I’m thinking is to get the story to 32k words since it’s currently at 23k so I figure I can at least get 11k words done in the course of three days.

Goal 2: Rachel Riott – It’s sort of hard to determine which of these next two should be given which priority but at the end of the day with the work required, Rachel Riott earns the number two spot. So as mentioned in goal one I will only be focusing on Blind Beauty until Wednesday because starting on Thursday, I’m going to start editing Rachel Riott with a fresh set of eyes and also doing an excessive proofread in preparation for next week when I start to post that version to Wattpad.

Goal 2.5 Advertising – So this week I’m not going to have a goal three, but more of a two and a half because I’m going to do what I can to catch up with the advertising that I was supposed to do last week. With the plate almost full this week, I can only hope things work out but I’m doing what I can to at least get the content out there because I’m determined to have people read The Thirty Pound Backpack.

Other than that, that pretty much sums up the plan for this week. I’m hoping there are no hiccups along the way this week, and I could really just use a win this week after the rough two weeks that have come and gone.

So as always thank you for reading today’s post and I hope you all have a good week. Remember to come back on Friday to find out what happens and until then always keep in mind that Tomorrow’s A Different Day, and you never know what’s going to happen.

Till next time everyone, this has been your friend,

-Li. A. Wake

Day 77: Another Strong Week

Day 77:

Hey, what’s up, everyone? It’s me again.

To start today off, I just want to say that I hope you all had decent weeks and that those positive vibes continue into the weekend. If your week wasn’t that positive though then I’m sorry and I hope it gets better. For me, the week has been moderate but more on the positive side of things because of what I was capable of accomplishing.

So with that said let’s get right into reviewing and see how I compared to the goals that I set for myself.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Since I wasn’t working right away on Rachel Riott this week, I started with Blind Beauty. Starting the week off I was at 23k words, and I set the goal of 32k for the week, and to have it done over the course of 3 days since Rachel Riott started on Thursday. So with this goal, I’m happy to say that I was capable of completing it on Tuesday, giving me Wednesday to excel even further past it and by doing so I finished the week off with over 37k. Interesting enough as I use the original as a template to guide the story, I just surpassed the 25% mark, so this story will hopefully be pushing over 100k words when it’s finally finished. Fun fact.

Goal 2: Rachel Riott – Now this goal only started yesterday, as mentioned above. The goal for this was in regards to editing since I planned to get all of it done by next week in hopefully a post ready format. So yesterday I managed to start this endeavour and got all of the proofing done and I think I found most of the errors, but now I’m continuing to dive into the story and as of Friday morning I have 4 chapters of 26 done. So for my plan today if all goes well I’m hoping to get to at least chapter 10 or maybe a few more past that depending on if I lose my mind or not.

Goal 2.5: Advertising – This goal is where I met my demise. Even though I didn’t make it goal 3 it still fell to the inevitable fate the third goal always does. Other then a few posts on social media’s this didn’t play out the way I wanted and has hardly been touched. I’m potentially looking at addressing this today if I get some time too since things are still a struggle here. However in saying that, if those of you who are reading this want a cheap 187 page emotionally triggering Young Adult / Romance novel for $.99 then you might be interested in The Thirty Pound Backpack. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

Now with all of those said and done, it’s time to jump to the weekend and what I’m planning to do, and currently in my mind I think the best plan of attack that I have is to blow through Rachel Riott and get that done then when I have that all squared away I can turn more to the advertising stuff. However, that’s only wishful thinking since I still have to get through the remaining 22 chapters. Hopefully, I can make a decent impact today to balance it all out.

Well, that pretty much sums up the game plan going forward, and as I’ve been doing lately, I just want to thank you all for taking time to read this it definitely means a lot to me. So again thank you all so much and if you’re curious about what happens next, come back on Monday to find out. Till next time, remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 78: New Inspiration & Living On A Prayer

Day 78:

How’s it going, everyone? I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and hope you’re not dragging your feet on this Monday like me. Who am I kidding though it’s a Monday and no one really likes Mondays. Also do any of you readers remember when I was complaining about the titles each week, it was like 30 blog days ago? I don’t know why but I was thinking about that today, that being said this title hopefully sorta makes sense.

First off to start this Monday morning, I’m going to start with a recap of what happened this weekend as well as some side information that I didn’t see coming. So basically going into the weekend and on Friday I was focusing on editing Rachel Riott, the story that will likely be my last WIP for the year.  To say the least, I managed to get that done yesterday afternoon, so it’s no longer a concern for me which I’m pleased about, that being said I did have a little time to work on Blind Beauty but didn’t do any significant damage to it.

However, I sat there this weekend trying to come up with new ideas and for once one of my concepts that I was sitting on finally gave me that bright light of hope. I think I’ll be trying to write some exclusive Horror short stories or something, just for added content and to get my name out there more, since I’m still desperately trying to solve a nagging problem that I just can’t seem to shake.

So as happy as I am in regards to that its time to move on to this week’s goals which will likely be limited in regards to what will be worked on.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – With Rachel Riott done the only thing to do currently is move forward with Blind Beauty, and it’s development. The sooner I can get that done the sooner I’ll be prioritizing the creepy little stories. The goal in the case of Blind Beauty is to get it to the 50k word mark. That’s a 12k word goal and if things continue like they have been that shouldn’t be hard to do, but I’ve said that in the past and the weeks have ended up screwing me. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again.

Goal 2: Advertising – This goal is going to continually be brought back up, and will also be today’s main focus however it is given the second goal spot because of how long it’s going to take. I’m not sure of the extent yet that I’ll be going into this, but it’ll at least be something since the lack on my part in the past weeks.

Goal 3: Film / TV Review’s – Now this is another one of those could happen, or it’s a potential project idea just to clear my mind. However, I’ve been sitting on it for a little while now, and basically, it’s just to do reviews of random movies and as well as popular TV series. I’m just not sure of the format quite yet if I do choose to pursue this. Unfortunately, this is goal 3, and that usually means that it won’t be touched, but I guess we’ll find that out on Friday.

With all that said, I hope you enjoyed having this little peek into my life and come back on Friday to see what happens and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 79: I Cursed Myself

Day 79:

Well, I mean who could’ve seen this coming. At the time your reading this it’s Friday morning like any other day. However, as I write this it’s Thursday morning and you may say well that’s not normally what happens, and to that, I’d say you’re correct this isn’t normal and that’s because I cursed myself.

Now let me quote myself from Monday’s post Day 78 when discussing my word goal for Blind Beauty I said “if things continue like they have been that shouldn’t be hard to do, but I’ve said that in the past and the weeks have ended up screwing me. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again.” Well, clearly I didn’t have enough fingers crossed because I have now lost both Friday and Monday to return to the job that destroyed me in 2016 & 2017 and that I was so thankful to be free of on January 2 2018 when I started pursuing my writing dream. The things you’ll do for Family eh, but overall it does affect the grand scheme of things and hinders what I’m capable of accomplishing significantly and involves increased workloads to cover for the eight hours I’ll be missing.

Anyways that being said I’ll recap what’s been going down up to this point in my time which is Thursday at the moment. Which surprisingly may not be as negative as one may think.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So for this goal, the objective was to get it to 50k words which was just 12k from where I started the week and I can happily say that I’m at 47k and depending on whatever happens today I may get the opportunity to close the gap or it’ll be pushed to tomorrow night where I’m already swamped with social media stuff that I’m hoping by doing this now it’ll give me more of an opportunity.

Goal 2: Advertising – So I spent a fair amount of time over the last couple days putting The Thirty Pound Backpack on multiple Facebook groups and then the usual social media spots. However, I didn’t really think of it at the time and it is the first book but I realize now I put the DRM setting on the book which makes reading it a bit more of a struggle for the reader because of the limited sharability. Again live and learn, but that doesn’t mean don’t go check it out because please do it would really mean a lot.

Goal 3 – I’m not even going to discuss this one, it was a failed idea from the beginning. We’ll address it later on Monday’s post or something.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s turn the focus to the weekend. This time will primarily be used on Blind Beauty and with NaNoWriMo starting up I figure it’ll be a good way to keep track of my progress. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time this year to start something new. The weekend goal will probably be close to 55k at best so that’s what I’ll be aiming for.

Also on a sidenote, I hope everyone had a good Halloween that celebrates it and as always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day. Hopefully this time next week we return to the normal schedule.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 80: Back At It Again

Day 80

Welcome everyone to my 100th post on this blog. It feels just like yesterday that I posted my 10th or even 1st post. However, that’s just a fun fact as we begin this week. So let me start off this week by saying if you read the last post you’ll know that I was supposed to be working today but that isn’t the case. Since I’m writing this on Monday morning, that being said though I may lose a day this week to have to go back in and work which will, as usual, disrupt the schedule.

Yet none of that truly matters at this moment, what does matter is what I’ve managed to get done this weekend and what little time I did have on Friday and that’s where this recap will be beginning from. After spending 8 hours working at my old job again because they needed some extra help, I lost an entire day of writing. Coming home to mostly do social media and writing 200 words but at least it was a start to NaNoWriMo.

Then over the weekend, I was actually able to get a fair amount done and passed the 50k word goal I had set for last week but was interrupted by what’s mentioned above. Overall I maybe got close to 5k words done but fell short of my 55k goal finishing the weekend with 51.5k. Although I’m hoping to today that I’ll make a significant dent in my writing and with that said let’s jump into the goals this week.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Again since it’s the only story currently being written,  it’ll be taking priority. This weeks goal with the potential of having an interruption sometime during the week, I’m going to set a loose goal of 60k words for this week, it’s lower than usual, but given the circumstances, it’s probably for the best.

Goal 2: Advertising – So this goal isn’t going to be as heavily pushed as it has been in the weeks prior. I’m still going to continue pushing The Thirty Pound Backpack where and when I can but with the time it took up last week, I’m putting all my eggs into one basket with goal number 1.

I’ve also decided that this week there will not be a Goal 3 because it usually doesn’t work out anyways and with how far Blind Beauty is, I feel I have no choice but to prioritize it. Other than that though I think that pretty much sums up my game plan for this week.

I hope you all have good weeks and until next time remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 81: Back In The Saddle Again

Day 81:

Hey, how’s it going everyone?

Last week around this time, you would have seen a queued message from me, since I spent the entire day working. Today I can say that’s not the case and the prediction of me seeing the future was clearly a falsehood, (Obviously) and instead of thinking that I was going to work this week for someone else, I was back working for myself and developing the new version of Blind Beauty.

So with not much else to say let’s jump right into recapping this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So with Blind Beauty still the top priority in regards to projects being worked on. The goal for this week was set at 60k words or higher, and I can happily say that that goal was achieved and is currently sitting at 64k words. I plan to continue to work on it today, and if it keeps pace with the last few days I’ll end the day at 67k words but again I can say for sure that’ll be the case.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual and as mentioned on Monday advertising The Thirty Pound Backpack wasn’t a top priority and has only been mentioned in social media posts I haven’t actually reached out in many different ways to get the story out there, and it’ll be unlikely if that changes this weekend.

With only these two goals in place the week wasn’t really a concern and going into the weekend, the priority remains the same especially as the year quickly comes to an end. I want to have Blind Beauty done by the end of December and to do that it’s going to require nearly all my focus since it’s currently at the halfway mark maybe.

Other then that though there isn’t much of a plan in regards to what I’m going to do, so Monday’s weekend recap will likely be short if not anything. Also on a side note, I’m currently doing NaNoWriMo, and I’m always down to expand my network if anyone wants to use the buddy system that they have on there.

Anyways that’s all from me today. I hope you all have a good weekend and as usual, there’ll be a new post on Monday. Until then though Remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 82: Determination

Day 82:

Welp, here we are again on everyone’s favourite day…Monday. Okay but seriously is anyone’s favourite day actually Monday? I mean I guess there are situations but like the majority seem to dislike it right? Anyway enough about Monday’s and let’s get into today’s recap.

To start off this Monday recap let’s go into what happened on Friday as well as Saturday & Sunday. On Friday in that recap I mentioned how my end of week goal was to get to 67k words which I can happily say was achieved and surpassed, then with the primary focus being Blind Beauty this weekend I mentioned that I wanted to get around 5k words and I either came really close to that goal or even hit it but in my honest opinion I think I only got 4800 words done, but none the less it’s all a victory and keeps me positive going into this new week. With that said let’s move into this weeks goal which spoiler will likely be pretty similar to last weeks.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Going into this week, Blind Beauty still remains the top priority. At the moment of writing this it is currently at 72k words and by the end of the week I’m going to set a bit of a larger goal but I’d like to be at 85k if not just slightly under. If this week is anything like last week this should be more then possible but I guess we’ll have to see.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual and because nothing else is going on advertising for The Thirty Pound Backpack continues.  The man reason this keeps coming up is because of the whole transparency belief that this blog was founded on and since I will be weakly marketing it on social media I feel that it should be mentioned that it’s occurring here just like everything else. However with that said if you’re looking to curl up on a cold winters night and you want a rollercoaster of a book to read. Check out The Thirty Pound Backpack it’ll keep you busy for a while…I hope.

So with that said there isn’t anything else left to really cover. Again there’ll be no goal three this week since it’s usually never addressed anyway but that is always subject to change and will be mentioned in the Friday post. For now, though I hope you all had a good weekend as we go into this next week, I hope that we can all stay positive and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day. On that note, I’ll talk to you all next time and by all means feel free to follow this blog and become a part of my writing journey.

Till next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 83: I’m Running Out Of Titles For These

Day 83:

Welcome everyone to this week’s Friday recap. As you can see by the title I have no idea what to title these anymore and I feel that I may have trapped myself with putting titles for each blog post. Don’t be surprised if they suddenly just become Day and a number. Anyways that’s beside the fact for now it’s time to jump right into the goals and recap about what had happened but to say the least the week overall has been yet another success.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – The goal for this week was to get the story to 85k words from its starting point which was 72k, and I’m happy to say that was achieved. As of right now on Friday morning, Blind Beauty is currently at 86k words and I’m hoping by the end of the day I can get it to 90k. In regards to the template (The first version of the story) it’s currently getting to Chapter 30 of 44 and the really exciting chapters are just beginning so I’m hoping to make a significant dent since I want to have the story done by the end of the year.

Goal 2: Advertising – As I had mentioned on Monday I didn’t have any big plans to promote the story this week since all of my focus has been with Blind Beauty. That being said The Thirty Pound Backpack has been posted on various social media’s since writer’s Wednesday came and went and with no new stories, I tried to push it around more. So it didn’t get mentioned but not in any extreme way.

So overall with the success of this week and hopefully the success of this week, I’ll still be focusing on Blind Beauty during the weekend to try and get it even further done. As mentioned before I’ll be aiming for 90k as an overall total and I feel like that will be a good challenge.

Other than all of that though there’s not much else to say so I’m going to wrap things up here and start getting to work. Thank you to those of you who take time to read this and I’ll be back on Monday for the next installment. Till then remember that tomorrow’s a different day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 84: Slowly But Surely

Day 84:

It feels just like yesterday that I was writing last weeks Monday post and commenting on how not a lot of people like it. I’m sorta having that feeling today even though I’m still trying to stay positive because of how well things went this weekend but before we get to that I hope all of you that check this post out had a good weekend as well. Hopefully, we can band together to tackle this week and get it done what’ll feel like sooner than later.

Anyways let’s move on to the effectiveness on the weekend and how I’m pretty sure I put a mistake in Friday’s post. In Friday’s message, I mentioned in the end that I wanted to be at a 90k word total when really that was also the goal for just Friday alone, I meant to say 95k which even then was something that I came and surpassed immensely and am just short of 100k words for the new version of Blind Beauty. Alongside that, I’ve been using my work on Blind Beauty for my NaNoWriMo project, and as of yesterday, I blew past my 50k word goal there as well. So with those two successes as a tailwind let’s jump into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Until this story is done, Blind Beauty will remain the main goal every week. However with that also said I’m now going into the chapters of Blind Beauty that I really enjoy, and there’s only 11 chapters or so left and I’m hoping to greatly lessen that by Friday. Overall my new main goal is getting Blind Beauty to 130k words at least, while this weeks goal will be 115k words since I’m hoping to do 4-5k words each day.

Goal 2: Advertising – This goal hasn’t changed from the previous two weeks. Basically, The Thirty Pound Backpack will be advertised as it usually is on the multitude of social media that I currently use likely on Monday and Friday this week so that it’s not constantly being thrown in peoples faces.

Other than that though there isn’t much else to say other, then I hope your weeks go well and like I’m telling myself right now. Tomorrow’s A Different Day. Anyways that’s all I got for you check back on Friday to hopefully see the level of success that I achieved this week, and if you do want to follow along with me chasing my dream, by all means, follow this blog.

Till next time,

-Li. A. Wake

Day 85: So Close

Day 85:

Welcome back everyone, unless this is your first time here, then welcome newcomer to this blog that is uneventful but it’s mostly a journal describing my journey to becoming a writer.

Anyways now that, that introduction is done, I hope all of you that are reading this have had a good week, or if you’re reading it during the week then I hope your week is going well. At the time of posting this, it’s Friday morning, and I can honestly say that my week has been really good concerning the goals set, so let’s jump right into recapping the goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – As it has been the last couple weeks, Blind Beauty is still the front runner of what I’m currently working on. This week’s goal for the story was to get it to 115k words, and I can proudly say that at the moment it’s sitting at 116k words. Which overall I’m pleased with as I move toward the overall goal I have of 130k words. That being said there are only a few chapters left to be written, and initially, I thought I could get it done over the weekend, but it looks like it’ll carry over to early next week at the rate I’m currently going.

Goal 2: Advertising – There isn’t much to say here. The Thirty Pound Backpack has been posted as usual to the social media I use. There have been no real advancements in this goal, but again it wasn’t a high priority at this time.

Overall that is the status of the goals this week, and as we move into Friday (Which is today) and the weekend. I’m sort of in limbo about what’ll be going on. Again Blind Beauty will be the main priority, but there may be some speed bumps along the way before I get to it. The goal though will be to try and get 3k words done each day to try and balance it out and groom it to be done early next week.

Other than that I’m pretty much out of things to say. So I hope you all have a good weekend and remember when life gets tough tomorrow’s a different day.

Hopefully, I’ll see you all here back on Monday, and again thank you for taking the time to read this or even skim it.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 86: Well Some Work Got Done

Day 86:

Ugh, Mondays.

Here we are again everyone, on another crisp and chilly Monday morning and the sun hasn’t even graced the world yet. At least that’s my situation at the moment as I sit here and write this. From the title of this entry, it’s pretty likely that you can come to the understanding that some work got done this weekend.

To put it simply the goal that I ser for myself of the weekend and getting 3k words a day didn’t work out quite as planned. I did, however, get time to write and I got close to 4.5k completed instead of the 6k initially planned. Friday, on the other hand, remained positive and I managed to get a fair amount done on that as well. However, now there’s the goals for this week and what I’m hoping for.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Again Blind Beauty is leading the charge on this one. The first draft is finally coming to an end after 2 months of working hours on end on it. So I’m hoping with the bonus chapters and wrapping everything up, the story will be completed by Wednesday and then I’m not really sure what my game plan will be. However, for now, my main goal remains to get Blind Beauty to 130k total words and I’m 6k out or so, so it’s gonna be one hell of a last push.

Goal 2: Advertising – With how goal 1 goes this week there could also be a decent sized push in regards to advertising The Thirty Pound Backpack, and also developing a game plan for Blind Beauty, and hopefully correct some of the mistakes that I happened to make with The Thirty Pound Backpack.

Now with that said I’m leaving what remains of the week, if there happens to be remains of the week, open for whatever to come up and I’m not committing the time to anything specific quite yet. Whether it’ll be used for writing, or editing past stories, we’ll just have to see. If you want to find out how it goes come back on Friday and take a look. I’m just hoping that this week will be another successful one even though I could also see it going south. Till then though Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 87: Change Of Plans

Day 87:

What’s going on everyone?

I hope you all had fairly decent weeks and was overall better than mine. My weeks was kind of a toss-up between writing and actually working on stuff that took me away from my work, and because of that the goals this week were hardly met if I do say so myself. Let’s just get right into it since there probably won’t be much to tell. So without further ado.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So this goal ended up being a bust this week. I initially had the plan to get the story done, and it’s close it’s on the horizon and I did get some words in but it wasn’t nearly enough to finish it as 3 chapters still linger to be completed so overall this week I’m going to count this as a fail but next week it’ll be completed for sure which may make Monday’s recap a bit different.

Goal 2: Advertising – Well I mean Writer Wednesday helped this week as I posted The Thirty Pound Backpack around everywhere, but overall it only yielded the same result as usual and wasn’t a primary focus. If Blind Beauty fell behind then this one didn’t do much better as I think it’s safe to say that this goal is unchanged as of usual, since it’s not really a failure, it’s just a lack of attention.

Overall this week has been a struggle one day after another and at the end of the day has shaped the weekend to look like one all too familiar. After today, Blind Beauty will once again become the top priority and these weekends focus since I’m going to try and push it to completion so that next week I can consider some new options after these last couple of months.

Anyways until then, I hope you all have a good weekend and get some time to relax, and thank you if you took the time to read this, it’s greatly appreciated. That said if you want to come back on Monday and see what develops by all means, and till then remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 88: Tying Up Loose Ends

Day 88:

Hey look over there it’s Tuesday, can we just jump to that day and not talk about Monday whatsoever? Oh, we can’t, darn well guess I’ll just have to suck it up and struggle through it. How’s it going, everyone, I hope you had a weekend, whether it was good or not that only something you can judge. Mine? Well, mine was interesting, so let’s get into that.

Over the course of this weekend, I set the goal for myself to work on Blind Beauty and I did managing to get 6-7k words done, but I was also able to land a small gig to make a couple of dollars so that also took up some of my time yesterday, but overall in the current state, and income comes first while I continue to move copies of The Thirty Pound Backpack. Now going into this week big things will likely be happening I hope so let’s jump into that.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So as of today and in regards to the template that I have for Blind Beauty, I’m currently rewriting the epilogue and it’s one of the shortest chapters in the book. I’m not sure the extent of what’s going to be added to it yet, but I’m hoping by the end of the day the first draft will be completed and I’ll also be freeing myself up from the little gig mentioned above or at least that’s the goal. Then on top of that, I’ve also come to the decision to write a couple of short side stories to the main story to expand the world even if it is just a bit, those stories will likely be taking place for the main story the rest of the week.

Goal 2: Advertising – On the sidelines of everything else, and since the short side stories aren’t set in stone yet, advertising will continue as usual. I’m not sure of the results it’ll yield but it never hurts so, by all means, the link to The Thirty Pound Backpack is here and up above and all support is greatly appreciated.

Overall this week should yield some interesting results and I’m excited to see what I actually get done once the chains of the main Blind Beauty story comes to an end. For now, though I hope you all have a good week and if you are as interested as I am, stop by on Friday and see what went done. Till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till then.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 89: Filling Time

Day 89:

Well it’s once again Friday, and that means it’s time to recap what’s been going on this week, and to say the least I figured my time would have been a little more packed but as usual things come up and then the next thing you know it’s Friday so with that being said let me quickly summarize what I got up to this week.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So Blind Beauty is currently on the sidelines until next week, but today it did manage to get an entire day of my time. Monday and Tuesday morning, I completed the first proofread of the story and got everything to a decent point to start editing it, which will begin on Monday next week so expect to see it on Monday’s blog post. The side stories are still on hiatus, could become a weekend project.

Goal 2: Advertising – With this, I expected to put a little more time toward it but unfortunately that wasn’t the case and all the main advertising for The Thirty Pound Backpack will likely be done this morning as I refresh all of my social media’s this morning.

Extra: So this wasn’t originally planned on Monday but I had plans to do other things and none of them were really working out so I returned to editing a story that I currently have on Wattpad called By Your Side. Many weeks ago it was posted here as a Writer Wednesday and I hope to finish its re-edit by the end of the day. So if you want to check that story out, it isn’t as great as what’ll be on Amazon but it is a full story that’ll kill some time.

Other then that, that’s been my entire week. Now to quickly mention the weekend. Depending on how today goes, I’m thinking that the weekend will be focused on starting the side stories but I’m still keeping everything open until I know for sure. If you want to find out what happens, check back on Monday to see next week’s game plan.

Now and as always I hope everyone that reads this had a good weekend and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 90: A Dreaded Week Ahead

Day 90:

Well here we are yet again, and I don’t think I have to mention what day it is but I’m going to through a philosophical thought. What does it feel like to actually enjoy Mondays, like how does it feel to anticipate this day on a Sunday night? It might be something I’ll never understand but maybe I will, only time will really tell. Anyways I’ve gotten off track and should probably start recapping the weekend.

The last three days have been moderately busy ones. On Friday I finished re-editing By Your Side and I’m generally happy with how that went. Then Saturday and part of Sunday I started working on the first little add-on story for Blind Beauty. This one answering a question that takes place within the main story that may leave characters wondering. At this time all I can say is that it’s told from a character named Pigeon’s perspective. So far it’s looking good but unfortunately, it has to be put on hold and I’ll tell you why as we go into the goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – Seven days have passed since the story was completed which now means I’m going to begin editing it, and truthfully I’m not looking very forward to, because the first edit is always the hardest, and there are 50+ chapters. So I really hope that people pick up this book and its accompanying stories which will be free by the way in case anyone was wondering since they’re pretty much just extended bonus chapters. The goal for this week is to get to at least chapter 30 by the end of Friday.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual, this isn’t the top priority by any means and will likely be posted on just the social media as usual. That being said if you are interested in adding a new story to your collections why not add The Thirty Pound Backpack. It’s a story that’ll make you cry or get you close to it, and everyone deserves a good cry every now and again.

Anyways that’s about all I have for today, and the week is likely going to be consumed by editing so there won’t be much to add and next weeks might look relatively the same depending on how all of this plays out. So let me just say thank you to all of you who’ve stopped by and checked this out, it really does mean a lot, and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Hopefully, I’ll see you all here on Friday for the next update in this uneventful Blog

– Li. A. Wake

Day 91: Over Half

Day 91:

What’s going on everyone? I hope you’ve had a good week and that’s another one in the 2018 bag. There’s only a few more left so if your year hasn’t been that great don’t worry it’s almost over and if it’s been the best year of your life well then I hope that continues next year. Anyway’s’ were not here to talk about how our years went since I’m in the sort of between category if anyone cares.

So let’s get right into recapping this week’s goal just to give you a heads up. This was another successful week and quite a bit of progress has been made.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So this week I started editing Blind Beauty and as I mentioned on Monday there are 50+ chapters I need to get through. Overall the last four days I’ve averaged 9 chapters a day except for yesterday and I’m currently at 32 chapters edited. Today if everything goes to plan I’ll be at 41 or higher and then I’m thinking by the end of Sunday I should have the first draft completed.

Goal 2: Advertising – As mentioned on Monday this has currently been put on the back burner, and I forgot all about Writer Wednesday until, well Wednesday so I did a little more advertising for The Thirty Pound Backpack then I initially expected which by the way I hope some of you who may be looking for a new book, checks it out since it’d be greatly appreciated.

Anyways that’s pretty much all there is for this week since my focus was primarily on Blind Beauty and it’ll continue to be like that. Unfortunately with the way things are playing out the story won’t be done in time for the end of the year, but at the end of the day it’ll be a good story to start the new year off with and I’m hoping to get the side stories up as well. This weekends focus will be like this week and as mentioned above I’ll likely be pushing through to get the next draft done. Check back on Monday to find out.

Till then though I hope you all have a good weekend and as always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 92: Poor Judgement

Day 92:

Good Monday morning everyone. I hope you all had a stellar weekend and are ready to tackle another week. There’s only a few more left until the end of the year so I hope everyone’s also ready for that. For me, I’m not sure where I stand since this year has been a neutral year overall in my opinion.

Anyways let me start by recapping my weekend. The goal was to finish up Blind Beauty and complete the edit but as the title above says I had some poor judgement, I assumed I could edit 100 pages in two days but because of distractions and X-mas shopping that didn’t play out the way I hoped and I only managed to get just over 50 pages edited. That being said it’s time to jump into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So I didn’t actually think Blind Beauty would be on this list today but it is and the goal is to finish the first draft and do the second proof of it before Friday. For the edit, I’m hoping to have it done today or early tomorrow, and the proofing I’m hoping to have done tomorrow or Wednesday then I’ll let it sit for another week meaning that I won’t meet my end of month goal. I’m also considering a title change but I’m not sure yet.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual this goal remains the same but may gain more focus later in the week after Blind Beauty is sidelined. For now, the advertising for The Thirty Pound Backpack will be done mainly on varies social medias as the regularly are.  If you’re reading this now though and want to check it out, by all means, it would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that though I don’t think there’s much else for me to add at this time in regards to what I’ll be doing this week. To see what I do end up doing stop back here on Friday and find. If not well thank you for at least checking this post out it’s greatly appreciated and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Until next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 93: Overcoming Distractions

Day 93:

Happy Friday everyone.

I hope you all had a good week and if not then let me the first to say sorry. I hope next week and the holidays are better for you. That being said next week is the holidays which will bring it’s on complications to my scheduling and it also feels like the longest day of the year, with all the travelling but it is what it is.

Anyway enough about me, let’s get into recapping this week and my struggle with distractions that seemed to limit my progress but then again maybe it was just me wanting a break. At least that’s sorta how I’m justifying it. Now let’s get into this weeks goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So with this goal, again I didn’t expect it to be on the list but yet here it is and as according to plan I finished the edit on Tuesday and then the second proof edit on Wednesday. So Blind Beauty is currently on hiatus until next week. Which due to the holidays I’m not sure what the game plan’s going to be. However, once all that was finished I continued on the first side story of Blind Beauty and it’s going fairly well, and I’m hoping to get back to that today later on and hopefully complete it since I now know what direction I want to take it and it expands on some character development.

Goal 2: Advertising – Again it’s hard not to copy and paste this from last week. Basically, though I did as mentioned in Monday’s post. I kept to just posting links to The Thirty Pound Backpack on the multitude of social medias that I’m currently using and that’s pretty much it. Then as also mentioned on Monday if you want to check it out by all means all the support is greatly appreciated.

Other than those things though there isn’t much else for me to add. The weekend will probably consist of me either working on the current Blind Beauty story or a totally new one depending on how today goes, but those will likely be the scenario of what happens before the next edit of Blind Beauty takes place next week. In the meantime though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Until next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 94: The Holidays

Day 94:

Merry X-mas Eve and happy holidays everyone.

I hope you have had a good weekend and if you’re celebrating I hope that it’s a good time. However like I mentioned on Friday the holidays have / will mess up my schedule since tomorrow is going to be one of the busiest days of the year for me so it’s definitely going to limit the stuff I can get done here, then again there isn’t much planned and I’m trying to keep this a rather chill week.

Anyways let me just quickly recap the lazy weekend that I have just had. Basically, my intention was to complete the current side story for Blind Beauty that I was working on but I, unfortunately, didn’t manage to get it completed. It just seems that this last week my writing drive has been rather lacklustre and I’m hoping that the days I do get to write this week are more driven and I climb my way back up to the 5k word a day mark. Those are only hopes though.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So for starters, I’m hoping to get the first side story of Blind Beauty done hopefully today and then it’ll be a short little novelette but it’s own story at the same time. Then once that’s done and the holidays are over then it’s time to jump back into the next edit of Blind Beauty which will then consume the next week and which will then be followed by the final edit. So overall Blind Beauty is looking at a Mid-January release.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual the only advertising will be taking place on social media this week, and it’s not a top priority for me to push. However, I’m still debating how I want to approach it going forward. That being said if you do want a new little story to read or enjoy over the holiday break that you may or may not have why not take a look at The Thirty Pound Backpack. It’ll likely break your heart this Christmas season.

Other then those things, this week is going to be a long one, but I’ll likely be back here on Friday as just a quick recap or something since I’m hoping to keep this week rather simple, until then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Until next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 95: A Simple Week

Day 95:

Happy Holidays everyone.

I hope you all had a good holiday this year, and if you celebrated Christmas then I hope you had a good day spending it with friends and family, and recover from any partying because New Years is just on the horizon which is pretty much just a round two. For me, I spent the Holidays this week with family and as always its one of the busiest day for me, but it’s always nice to be around family.

Aside from that though I did do a little bit of work this week and there were a couple curveballs thrown at me this week, again it didn’t affect my efforts to try and keep everything casual. With that said, let’s jump right into the recap.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – There were a couple things going on, on this front. For starters, the first side story of Blind Beauty now has a completed first draft which will move into editing as soon as possible. It’s a little over 10K words and focuses more on a party like atmosphere involving some new and old characters. Then after that was completed the second edit of Blind Beauty. At this time of uploading the current edit is currently at page 85 of 300+ so there’s still a ways to go but I’m averaging 42 pages a day. When it’ll be done I’m not 100% sure but I’m hoping to deal some damage to it by the end of the weekend. I just have to get through a few things first.

Goal 2: Advertising – Completely out of left field this week, I had forgotten completely about Writer Wednesday. On one hand, I could have just ignored it and waited to the new year, but it just didn’t feel right so advertising for The Thirty Pound Backpack happened a little more then I had planned. Again if you just got a new Kindle over Christmas maybe check out my book if you have some spare change.

Other then those things though there isn’t much else to say for today. In regards to my weekend, I’ll probably be focusing on the Blind Beauty edit, and doing my best to complete it since that’s going to be a big thing that will need to be dealt with in the next couple of weeks. Anyways come back on Monday to see what happens and until then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Until next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 96: Happy New Years!

Day 96:

Happy New Years Eve, and Happy New Year Everyone,

The time has finally come for 2018 to end. There’s no going back and that may be both a good and bad thing depending on how last year went for you. For me, this marks the end of the first year of me trying to pursue my writing dreams and even though there were a few hiccups and it wasn’t as successful as I initially intended for it to be but I think at the very least it was a learning experience. From using multiple social media’s to waking up super early in the morning, to the launch of The Thirty Pound Backpack. I’d have to say that overall it really did turn out to be a small success in itself.

However, that doesn’t mean the work is done for the day. There’s still stuff to do before the New Year can begin so let’s get right into that so that you can all your New Year’s Eve parties. To start let’s recap the weekend, my goal was to make significant progress on Blind Beauty and I did just that, editing more then what I was averaging last week so I figure I easily covered 100 pages. Although it isn’t done and that’s a good transition into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So for starters, I’m hoping to finish the 3rd draft of the main Blind Beauty story today. There are roughly 50 pages left but with the streak, I’m on I figure that it’ll be doable. Then once that’s completed I’m going to start the edit of the first Blind Beauty side story which should only take half a day since it’s only 20 pages. Then with whatever’s left for time in the week, It’ll probably consist of creating the cover and blurb for Blind Beauty since it goes into its final edit on Friday.

Goal 2: Advertising – I’m not 100% sure about how I’m going to approach this, this week since there are a couple options but I think I’m going to wait and see how Blind Beauty goes before jumping into this one. The Thirty Pound Backpack will be posted regularly on the usual social media platforms but aside from that, there’s no definite game plan.

Anyways that pretty much concludes what I have going on and before I head out I just want to say thank you to all of you who read this, and those posts before. I know it’s not the most exciting thing to read but at the end of the day, I figure it’s best to be transparent and open to those of you who hopefully will continue to support me in future endeavours. So again thank you and remember when life gets you down, Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next year,

– Li. A. Wake

Day 97: New Year, Same Old Me

Day 97:

Well, the first week of the new year is coming to an end, so I hope these first few days have proven to be positive ones as we start the 365-day clock all over again. For me, it’s pretty much just been the same thing that’s been going on for the last year and I can’t help but think that I’m just going to have a repeat of last year. The only one that can change that though so with that said let’s go into the first recap of the new year.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So this goal this week staggered slightly and didn’t go 100% to plan because the main Blind Beauty story trickled over to Tuesday so I’m not sure whether I will start Blind Beauty later today when I’m desperate for things to do or if I’ll start that tomorrow. Alongside that, the first side story is also good to go, and waiting for its next edit in a few days, which also raises the question of whether or not I should start the other side stories right away here, I’d just need to figure out the content for the other 2 or 3 that I planned.

Goal 2: Advertising – The Thirty Pound Backpack is currently just being posted on social media since I’m waiting currently to have it be pushed alongside Blind Beauty when it’s published and maybe even running a simultaneous deal for a couple days. So that could happen in the next week but until then it’s going to remain $0.99 USD on Amazon for anyone who’s interested.

Other than that, that pretty much sums up how the week went and going into this weekend the objective will hopefully be to start the final Blind Beauty edit and get in a perfect world 100 pages into it by Monday but other than that, there’s not much more of a plan. Anyways I hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll be back here on Monday with a new update as always. Until next time remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next time,

– Li. A. Wake

Day 98: Another Slow Weekend

Day 98:

Good Monday Morning everyone,

It’s that time again where I come out of the woodwork to bring you the next chapter of what my day to day life will be like for the next week. However, my weekend, unfortunately, didn’t go as I initially planned for it to go. To quickly recap on Friday I mentioned wanting to get to 100 pages in the current Blind Beauty edit but to procrastination, I’m only at 75. So it’s close to the 1/3 mark but that’s about it. Today however there’s also going to be another delay since I am planning to get a haircut. So overall there has been a bit of a hiccup but I think I’m coming with some ideas to help the problem this week and limit my procrastination, but I guess we’ll have to see.

Anyways let’s jump into this week’s actual goals and what’s hopefully going to be accomplished.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So ultimately the goal is to actually finish the final edit of this, this week and to get it published. As mentioned earlier I’m just shy of the 1/3rd mark and I think if I really push these next couple of days closing the gap shouldn’t be too much of a problem. So don’t hold me to it but soon I should have another published story and then I have to get to work on the side stories.

Goal 2: Advertising – As usual there aren’t really crazy plans for The Thirty Pound Backpack this week other then it’s usual posting routine there are no real plans to post in a multitude of external places. However, it will probably get some additional posts since there will be a writer Wednesday this week. That being said if you’re in the market for a new ebook check out The Thirty Pound Backpack it’s an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you dazed and heartbroken and it’s only $0.99.

Other then those things though that pretty much wraps up my goals for the week. It’s going to be a long one but at the end of the day, I think that there will be significant progress being made if all the points come together as I imagine in my head. However, that’s enough talk for today and it’s time to put things into action. If you want to find out what happens next come back on Friday to see what happened and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next time,

– Li. A. Wake

Day 99: Another Story Done…I Think

Day 99

What’s going on everyone?

I hope everything is going well in your part of the woods, and I hope you managed to have a good week. Anyways that’s all in the past now, and it’s time to look forward to the weekend, where you can either party or sleep or whatever the world is your oyster. That being said I’ll try to make this post quick so that you can get one with your life, so let’s hop right into the goals.

Goal 1: Blind Beauty – So when I started the week I was only 1/3 into the edit, well I can happily say that after a week where the days just seemed to blend together I managed to get the final edit done, and I can say that I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. There were a couple of mistakes that needed to be corrected, but overall I think the story is where it needs to be for the level of the author that I am. That being said I’m still looking at using the time I have today and maybe even tomorrow, to finalize the formatting since there are still some spacing issues with the dialogue. That being said that’s where I am right now and I’m next week will be a week of new things to come.

Goal 2: Advertising – As one may have guessed or if the previous post was read before this. The Thirty Pound Backpack went through its usual advertising run, with the added bonus this week of doing Writer Wednesday which got it a little more air time than usual. Again I’m hoping to give it a decent push when Blind Beauty joins it so that the can go hand in hand. However, if you can’t wait until then, then, by all means, click the link and go collect a copy for yourself for only $0.99 it’s a steal, and you can read it as much as you want on Amazon Kindle.

Other then those things there isn’t much else going on, and this is one of the weekends where other then the formatting of Blind Beauty potentially, I don’t really have any plans, but maybe I’ll start up my next original story for the year since that’s all I have really. So with that said I hope you all have an awesome day and come hang out on Monday for updates about what’s going on. Until then though always remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Till next time,

– Li. A. Wake

Day 100: Triple Digit Post

Day 100:

Welcome back everyone, whether it’s your first time, or you’ve been here before, it’s good to have you back. Let me just start off today by saying that when I first started this I never thought I’d make it to 100 posts. By now I thought I’d give up or find something else to do or write about, but I guess that just wasn’t the case.

For those of you who haven’t been here since the first post, this blog is a way for me to be transparent, with the projects and things that I’m working on throughout the week, and where my goals lie, as I attempt to make that first dollar in the writing world. Unfortunately that last part is where I’m struggling the most, but to be fair I didn’t release anything until late last year so really, to each their own.

Anyways enough about that, let’s talk about the weekend, and if you’ve seen the Day 99 post you’ll already know that I didn’t really have anything planned this time around since I was sort of in between things. However now that we’re on the other side of the weekend, what I happened to get up to was finishing the third edit for Blind Beauty’s first side story. Then at the same time, I started the second side story and got about 2500 words into it, while at the same time I started Plain Jane 2, the sequel story to my action romance I wrote roughly 6 months ago. So overall it was a good weekend of new things now, let’s get into this week’s goals.

Goal 1: Plain Jane 2 – So for this goal, my focus is to work on this during the days this week and it’s already at 3800 words and by the end of the week I’d like to have it close to 20000, I feel like that’s a safe goal to set a baseline of what well be able to complete.

Goal 2: Blind Beauty Side Story 2 – So as a bonus story in the Blind Beauty universe, and with Plain Jane being done during the day, I’m hoping to maybe get to 10000 words for this by the end of the week. It’s not planned to be very long but it’s still going to take some time.

Goal 3: Blind Beauty Side Story 1 – By the end of the week, the first side story will likely be edited and finished by the end of the week, then we’ll have to format and address it’s book blurb when I can squeeze it in, since I want it to be posted relatively at the same time as Blind Beauty.

Goal 4: Advertising – At the moment, Thirty Pound Backpack will be kept to its usual advertising format of just being posted on social media, until later in the week, when I’m planning to release Blind Beauty and they will coincide and hopefully work together to bring attention to each other.

Alright, so that’s basically everything that I have, for now, it’s going to be a busy week but I’m pretty sure, I’ll be able to complete since some things aren’t that strenuous. Anyways if you want to find out what happens, check back on Friday for the results. Until then though I hope you have a good week and remember tomorrow’s a different day.

Till next time,

– Li. A. Wake