Blog Post (Day 1-50)

Day 1: Introduction

Hello viewer of this blog.

If you happen to be reading this then welcome to the party that is Li. A. Wake. The truth is that what this blog represents is the concept of looking forward to tomorrow because the current day sucks and sometimes you just have to move on.

Over the course of the last year I had hit struggle after struggle, from a car accident in the car my grandmother left me when she passed with 30000 kilometres, to having my body practically crushed under a metal frame to the point I nearly popped a vertebrae out of my spine. However overtime when one of these Incidents occurred I found myself saying Tomorrow’s A Different Day. They’re my words I live by especially journeying forward in to starting my own potential Company / Brand that I can use to generate a livable income while also making this a humorous experience or just a place to bond or rant about the stupid occurrences in our lives.

This blog will lightly focus on the step by step process that it takes to get that first dollar and the dollar after or something, who knows Tomorrow’s A Different Day. While also making this a collective community with a bunch of writing stuff attached. So if you chose to stay it’d be greatly appreciated but if you don’t, well then fair enough this is always a place to rant if you want to come back.

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day and here’s to tomorrow.
-Li. A. Wake

~ Yesterday is not our to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. – Lyndon B. Johnson ~

Day 2: Vaporizers and A Lack Of Sleep

So welcome to Day 2.

This blog won’t be an everyday thing potentially three times a week, and involving a range of content.

Currently I’ve been unemployed for a while and insanity had kicked in and I can’t believe that I sorta miss the job that physically broke me. Most of my days are committed to writing. That’s the dream to in some capacity to work as a writer. However I’ve seen little to no success in the field. It’s heartbreaking I know, however lying a wake at night trying to come up with the next story, sleeping becomes more of a challenge.

Also thanks to dry temperatures and the loveliness that is frequent nose bleeds. I have acquired a vaporizer to put some moisture back in the air to prevent this. Down side it’s makes a fair share of noise and when you’re semi conscious it’s less then ideal to hear something gurgling or even worse when you walk out into the abyss of a house and return only to hear an alien like noise coming from where you sleep. It’s nightmare fuel. I never thought I’d say that I’m scared of air. But holy hell Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

I hope if you stumble upon this you enjoy the narrative and till next time, take it easy.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 3: The Abyss and Procrastination

Day 3:

Well here we are again putting up another post, still no dollar in sight. If you read the title you might be expecting some melancholic angsty hormonal story. But that’s not what this is.

The Abyss is the place where I do my creating. It’s darkness, lit with a couple monitor screens no natural light anywhere. Just me, my ideas and darkness. It’s an office for hermits. Except the abyss knows all my secrets, all my struggles and all my dreams. It’s a safe space where ideas can come to life on a grander scale only that scale doesn’t exist yet and the ideas are still small. It angers me to no end to not know where I’m going to make the first dollar and procrastination is becoming a dangerous addiction.

I have to wake up and fight this feeling, the feeling of dread, and uselessness and find the will to keep moving on. If the abyss catches me then it’s over and I will go back to living the life I tried so hard to run away from.

To those whom read this blog, till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

~ The abyss is full of reality, the abyss experiences itself, the abyss is alive – Denis Johnson ~

Day 4: A Writer’s Query

Day 4:

How does one get paid to write?

I legitimately ask myself this everyday, I have a passion for writing and could do it every day but where do I start. Who do I contact? How / where do I promote my stories that they actually generate interest? I just feel small in the grand scheme of things as if I’m standing at a dead end.

Yes I know this is a rant but at the end of the day, I’m just trying to find the next step and I just wish it was clearer. Hopefully there’s a little give one day soon since I can only support myself for so long on make believe until reality kicks back in.

If you stopped by and saw this post it would be greatly appreciated if you had suggestions but if not I understand, just seeing that people are active or visiting is enough motivation to keep going. Even though these posts fade into oblivion with everything else.

Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake.

Day 5: The Epidemy of Editing

Day 5:

In the most recent week during the morning hours, I will write a chapter to a story that I’m currently writing, ranging about 1500-2500 words. Then in the afternoon, I’ll take to editing previous stories I’ve written after letting them sit for a month and forgetting about them.

However editing sucks. There I said it, editing has never been my thing and the more indie authors I talk to the majority seem to feel the same way. For me however I find I struggle with procrastination to a higher degree because I’m rereading the same story pretending as if its the first time and not creating the scenarios. It just seems like a daunting task that I don’t really find enjoyable and when you have 90 pages it just never seems to end.

I get it though why it’s part of the process because it allows you to reflect on what you may have missed, to adjust descriptions and mitigate any word duplications that sound odd. But also with a fresh set of eyes (or fresher set if you forget about it for a month) I find that when I read the story back I can build upon scenarios as if my brain wants more out of the situation while sticking to the story, however I also find myself predicting sentences and descriptions in my head before I read them and they turn out to be identical to which I then feel satisfied and confident that the scene does what it needs to, to tell the story.

Either way as much as editing bothers we, it is essential and being able to do it yourself is a masterful skill that I’m dying to learn since it opens up many doors, as well as opportunities to help others in this competitive field that almost seems to suffocate you at times. Yet as long as you enjoy what you’re writing then there’s always a purpose, it’s just when you have to butcher and kill your ideas that you start to hate it more and more, just like a baby turning into a teenager.

Anyways If you read this I appreciate it, and feel free to reach out and say Hi. I’ll be here editing if anyone needs me.

Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 6: Sex Sells But Your Story Doesn’t Matter

If you read the title you can probably guess where this post is going. The term sex sells, has been around for ages to some degree but more so in our modern world. The reality is that there’s always some piece of eye candy to catch your eye, and sometimes the only way to save a story is to put in something that will attract your viewers/audience.

However it almost seems like we are in a time right now, that there is a fine line between what will attract your audience. If you manage to acquire a desirable actor/actress for a part in a movie, or write a billionaire CEO into a book and are descriptive enough, people will imagine them then people will likely flock to them but does that mean your story is still good?

The reality almost seems like who cares. A story is only words and outcomes that may never exist. Where as real people do, and sure maybe for books it’s not the same scenario but get someone to pick it up as a script or some visual media anything could happen and those images in your head become a reality.

And currently you have stories where people aren’t paying attention to what makes the story but instead scrolling through to find the parts that sold them on it, the sex. Meaning you’re story takes a back seat and that passion project you worked so hard on developing, draft after draft is quickly all for not, just because you had a scene with people rolling around in the sheets together.

Yet if you don’t have that little story element, it might not generate the interest you dreamed of having. So where’s the happy medium, when all the elements can’t play nicely together and tell a story. But yes I know this isn’t true for everyone, but it just feels demeaning that a whole brand can be built purely on a sexual appeal rather then a story itself.

I don’t know I’m ranting again, it’s just something that keeps me up at night trying to find that happy medium. If you read this far thank you, hopefully one day all of this takes off but till then. See you later.

-Li. A. Wake.

~ Live. Create. Tell the story. Repeat. ~

Day 7: Monster’s Among Humanity

The title of today’s blog might not make sense. However do to recent event’s in my life I’ve been having this thought recently. The thought being that it pays to be the bad guy…unfortunately. Now this applies in both real world instances and fictional, and I prefer to stick to fiction where everything is under a controlled roof and common sense acts as a presence of a higher power, unlike in reality where the control is easily manipulated by the hands of millions.

Enough of that though, since it might come off as a little to real at the time of posting this, so back to a fictional sense, it’s almost fun to cheer for the bad guy, because ultimately you know that at some point these individuals are going to lose in the end. However they are the centrepiece of a good story. Without an Antagonist you have no story, they are the catalyst to make everything start to happen and see it end.

The bad guy is the embodiment of the quote “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” because when you start a story you know your villains destination but what’s important in creating this character is the journey they go on that forces your protagonist to adjust to their new life. They are the nightmare, they are the challenge, they are the ones that believe there are no restrictions on them. But once there is a restriction that character becomes a villain and no longer qualifies as and antagonist and in response it tells you there’s a bigger evil masterminding the plan. The big secret is you never know which villain will turn out to be the Big Bad and sometimes it’s not that obvious. Examples of this being: The Death Eaters to Voldemort, Darth Vader to Emperor Palpatine, etc and hopefully you get the point.

So the big question overall that has to be asked is: does it pay to be the villain even if you aren’t the true antagonist. Or to dumb it down even further: Is it better to be a bad guy and take what you want and endure the consequences or be a good guy and strive for what you deserve and not have to worry once you get there…that may not have dumbed it down but still.

Anyways this whole rant or day thing whatever you want to call this is fuelled by real life events and as some of us in the younger generation have started relating it to the C.O.D video game franchise, and using a made up quote “We’re out here on Veteran difficulty, while other’s are playing on recruit.” So I leave you with this. If someone ever reads this and wants to comment tell me. Are you a Veteran or are you a Recruit?

I hope everyone who reads this has a good Friday or whatever day it happens to be, and yet again this has been yet another rant from yours truly and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

~ We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they’re inside of us – Joker ~

Day 8: The Little Victories

Day 8:

This blog is two days away from double digits. In my mind that’s an achievement. The hardest thing to do is following through with something with little to no immediate pay off. It’s a struggle like no other. However it’s not just this blog or bi weekly rant session that I work on.

In my day to day life. I have been trying to build something of my own that can get me on my own two feet for thirty nine days excluding weekends. There has been no turn around. No payoff. No anything. Yet here I am, I get up at five thirty in the morning. Start working somewhere between six thirty to seven and don’t stop until five or after in the PM. It’s my life now, and I want something to come from it so badly, that I was slowly breaking myself down.

However yesterday I spent the morning with my grandmother. The women who had a big role in raising me since my parents both worked seven to five jobs during the first years of my life. Her and my grandfather (god bless his soul) gave me the fundamentals to life, and I owe them both so much. But that isn’t what matters at the moment. Sitting there at the table that her kids grew up sitting around. She said something that really reignited my burnt out spirits again. She looked at me and said “You’re a smart kid, everything you’ve put your mind to has worked out. This is just another one of those times.”

They were similiar words I’ve used to defend myself against my parents who I know have their doubts about my seemingly failing effort, yet when I heard a minor variation of my own words leave my grandmother’s mouth it gave me the boost I needed to keep going and achieve my dreams. It wasn’t till that moment that the thought of making her proud and showing her that putting her faith in me my entire life wasn’t a total waste and it’s one thing I’m going to strive to do even if it turns out to be to late. I’ll still be at that final resting spot where her and my grandfather will rest and say “Thank you.” as if they were right there in front of me. Now with a little victory, I want a big victory. It doesn’t have to be huge it could be one dollar for all I care. Just something to show for what I am doing and until that day I will work my butt off trying to create the best possible content that I can for the people who stumble on my work.

Till Friday everyone.

-Li. A. Wake

~ A Grandparents love is strong & deep, filled with memories to cherish & keep ~

Day 9: Social Media and Reaching Out

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the week again where we all look forward to the weekend. This week has been a decently busy one with multiple wifi outages as well as snow storms every other day keeping me home bound…even though I already am for the most part.

Either way this week I decided to start branching the network out. It all started on here as the first step to reach out with the writing and trying to be noticed as a writer.

However in doing so I struggle to figure out that key point. The part that attracts viewers. On here I post something every Monday and Friday with a story on the Wednesday every other week. But reality set in and now I have to work my way up the ladder like in anything. Overall I think it will be a fun experience but yet I’m still looking for that first dollar. One step at a time.

That being said if someone knows a good way to market one’s self, let me know because it would be greatly appreciated.

Well that’s all I have for today everyone, I’ll be back on Monday for something new and maybe actually rant worthy. Till then.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 10: Blizzards and Progress?

Day 10:

Well this blog has just hit double digits, where has all the time and the rants gone. On one hand it’s sad but on the other I’m still as dedicated as ever to keep this going. I want to build this Brand that I’m working on, on transparency since it seems like one of the best way’s to keep an audience following you, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

Over the last weekend I spent a large portion of my days interacting with like minded individuals on Wattpad. I started by going in with 45 followers and when the weekend ended I was up to 66. So I think I might have figured the basics of Social Media out but I’m still nervous to reach out to individuals on other platforms. But this is a start, a start I have been craving for so long, and I think that there might actually be potential for the rest of the year.

In other news I’ve been snowed in the last three days, the snow just wont stop coming down. It’s been reported that we have gotten the equivalent of a month’s worth in those three days. I realize that someone one day might read this and say Oh I’ve never seen snow but let me tell you I see snow and even what I’m witnessing is scary and unbelievable.

Anyways if the snow doesn’t consume me, I’ll be back.

Your’s truly

-Li. A. Wake

Day 11: Weather Woes

Day 11:

This post holds true to the blogs name. Tomorrow’s A Different Day. To put it simply I have been surrounded by snow for the last four months. It’s everywhere and stands roughly 5-7 feet on peoples lawns and about a foot and a half on the roads. It’s a blindingly white abyss that hurts your eyes just to look at it.

And to most they might not see a problem with this. It’s snow, and it’s march it should melt. Key word is should. After so long we finally get a warm week meaning that my snow filled world is soon going to be sheer ice before it eventually leaves. I anticipate this moment every year since it means finally life can return to normal and driving becomes bearable.

The problem I have is with the winter months it kind bestows upon people the feeling of depression, since everything you normally would do comes to a halt. Then for me as I writer, I like to walk around my neighbourhood and maybe put on fifteen kilometres of exercise to help generate idea for upcoming projects because it get’s the kinetic part of your mind working or so I’ve been told by a potentially drunk and partially insane screenwriting teacher. So hopefully these Woe’s become Woo’s because I’m really starting to hate the weather.

Anyways thanks for reading and sorry these last two posts haven’t been that interesting, there’s just not much to say. Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 12: Volunteer Work

Day 12:

So the weekend has been less then eventful, pretty quiet days, and not a lot to stress an Individual out. As a writer it was calming and gave me the time to relax and recharge for this next week, and by the looks of it, until there’s something else to rant about this might be turning into just a weekly update blog.

That being said the topic for today is volunteer work. It has been the backbone to all my previous successes and now I find myself looking to tackle it again, hoping that maybe it will pay off just the same. Who knows though everything is about taking risks and this is but another one in my journey to being self sustainable again.

Anyways the next post will probably just be a quick update unless something marvellous happens in the mean time. Till then everyone this has been day 12.

-Li. A. Wake.

~The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Gandhi~

Day 13: Server Crashes and WHY WONT THE SNOW STOP!

Day 13:

Hope everyone has been doing well. If you read the title you may understand what is to come in this post and if not buckle up, because seat belts are important and we will likely not collide with any hard hitting conversation topics.

So basically the whole week a good majority of the sights that I use have either had one problem or another regarding server crashes, it has slowed my work down by a couple hours. Thankfully they all seem to have been regulated but during the time it made me wonder what’s worse. Losing your wifi signal or a server crash because they both seem to be equally horrible.

Also we had three good days of weather this week, and out of nowhere we get four more days of snow. It just wont stop. There were photos posted yesterday of this time last year. Golf courses had opened up already and people were teeing off in shorts and T-shirts yet I can’t go outside without a winter jacket and multiple layers right now. Like come on, just stop already and let me leave this frozen hell.

Other then that it was a productive week got five more chapter’s done in my upcoming book and now getting ready to settle in for a snow filled weekend.

Yours truly

-Li. A. Wake

Day 14: The Ultimate Stress and Anger Relief

Day 14:

The reason I got into writing was because it was a dream, but what catalyzed the dream was to release some stress and I found writing and creating a world that didn’t have any limits and being that temporary god. Really lets you think and understand what is getting you down, since while you write as angry as you are you have to keep the story moving which means you can’t off anyone willy nilly like it all has to matter like your decisions in life.

I honestly think that writing is one of the best ways to release the inner emotions you have deep down. You can do literally anything as long as you are willing to tell the story, and once you have it written down then all those feelings that were once occupying space in your head are down on a sheet of paper or in a word document and no longer in there so you can fill out the empty space with nicer things.

I don’t know that’s just how I see it and it’s always helped me. I’m still a negative individual at times though but that just comes with life you have to take each day in stride and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day…It’s also fun to off characters when you know you no longer need them.

Anyways before I get accused of being a serial character killer, I’ll see you all later and if you are struggling just sit down and write something and escape reality for a bit.

Yours Truly

-Li. A. Wake

Day 15: Being That Stupid Guy In The Newspaper

Day 15:

Welcome back everyone, hope all your weeks have been good and not to terrible but thank god it’s Friday none the less.

This time last week I was complaining about the amount of snow we were getting and then it all stopped and we had three fully warm days that I didn’t even need to wear a winter jacket except like every other time yesterday we got more snow and it was unbelievable since I still struggle to comprehend exactly how much that it has actually snowed this year alone, and it worries me for whatever’s to come at the end of the year.

Anyways that’s not really what the story of this post is about, this post is about being that stupid guy in the newspaper and if that would open any potential writing doors. I’m not sure about other places in the world but in our newspapers they generally have a letter to the editor section and I considered the option of submitting something that would just be obscene. The thing that I was going to start with was saying something like “I went into the black panther movie blind and was upset that it wasn’t a discovery nature documentary.”

Yet I wonder if I could actually make something of a career by doing that, I’ve been sitting on the idea for months trying to figure out the right way of approaching it but yet haven’t acted this might be a potential next move since I still haven’t made that single dollar yet. But I digress it’s got to happen sometime right. Right?!

Anyways next post is Monday talk to you then my favourite 6 people who see this.

-Li. A. Wake

~Never Believe In Mirrors or Newspapers. – Tom Stoppard~

Day 16: To Be Or Not To Be, That Is The Question

Day 16:

If you clicked on this thinking that you would get some sort of shakespearean knowledge or no how, then sadly you though wrong this is nothing of the sort. The only thing that it shares is the potential tragedy that comes at the end of all of this.

From birth you are always told that your parents will be on your side no matter what you choose to do in life, and for the most part that is true. However if you are a part of my generation then you might have come to realize this but our parents, they don’t understand the technical age to the fullest. Some do, but most don’t.

And when you have given up everything to try and do what you love, you expect them to understand even if they don’t get it. They should trust the decisions you plan to make and the success you strive to get. However that isn’t my case. In my case, since I’ve started the writer’s journey, they have tried to find me work with people left and right without even thinking about me. All they care about is the pay check, my happiness almost seems next to nothing to them someday’s and because I’m uncomfortable with them seeing my work it makes it even worse since they hold it over my head, while I’m scared that they won’t understand because no one truly understands a writer except other writers or even just the writer themselves.

So I don’t know, hopefully I can show something for these fourteen hour days, but I feel like I’m fighting this war alone now and yet that doesn’t change anything. I’ve always been alone, and I’ll remain alone until the time comes.

Thank you.

-Li. A. Wake

~Standing Alone Doesn’t Mean I Am Alone, It Mean’s I’m Strong Enough To Handle Things All By Myself~

Day 17: A Stories Emotional Impact vs Writer’s Immunity

Day 17:

So as an aspiring writer I’m constantly worried about my stories because of the craving to have them be impactful in the sense that the reader feels something. Growing up on video games, I always loved the rush you got from a good story or just coming to the end of something. However I figure that must be an easier thing to accomplish in a media form that incorporates a multitude of different medias.

I figure the biggest problem I’m facing though is what I like to refer to as writer’s immunity. Basically the concept is that as the writer building the universe you know all the secrets that it’s going to hold and because of that when you read or write the story the emotional impact that others will have doesn’t effect you because you’ve been coping with the thought the whole story so that when that big reveal happens it barely scratches the surface.

I don’t know if this is common for everyone that writes, but it’s definitely a problem for me but I guess as the saying goes “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” I guess that’s just another step on my learning journey of how to become a writer and get payed.

Till next time.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 18: An Uneventful Weekend

Day 18:

Well if you read the title you probably got the full just of what exactly this blog post or whatever this is that i do’s meaning. The day that this is posted it’s the day after Easter and going into the weekend I didn’t really have any motivation to write. Which was both a positive and a negative. There was quite a bit of down which could have been spent wiser.

For one thing I could have been trying to market my story more or even editing the big story I have on the horizon, and still have fifteen more chapters or so to go by next Monday so hopefully I can use next weekend effectively but I also have to make some more social media’s to expand my outreach or so I’ve been told.

Other then that though I’m currently working on a new action romance with a female protagonist, averaging about 2000 words a chapter I hope it can garner some attention from people and I spend majority of my day working on it so the pay off would be nice.

But that’s pretty much it I hope everyone had a good Easter celebration and if you don’t celebrate enjoyed the long weekend break. Hopefully something eventful happens this week or even this month, since my goal is to make my first dollar in these next thirty days.

Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 19: Nervous

Day 19:


One word that we all feel at some point. A word that comes into play when we look at trying something new in our lives. Or when we ask out our first individual. Or when you need to market your stories but you are to scared to pull the trigger because you don’t know if the way you write is an appropriate style or if you’re just going to remain an amateur forever.

That’s where I’m at the last two weeks I’ve told myself that I need to start getting more active in marketing and selling my idea, and mainly getting my stories to work for me. However it’s like standing beside a gap that you could probably make the job but at the same time if you miss you fall and it’s game over.

Then theres the problem of making money from other countries and having to figure out how taxation and everything works. It’s all just so emotionally consuming and I’ve started to panic. Like where do I start, I feel like I’m close to being something but at the same time I feel I’m also close to failing. It’s a crossroads and here I stand wondering which one to chose and as I type this I realize my life is much more like a Robert Frost poem then I initially realized.

Anyways I hope everybody who sees this has a good weekend and those who don’t see this I hope you have good weekends to, and I’ll post again on Monday and hopefully I actually make use of my time these next two days.

Till then this has been yours truly

-Li. A. Wake

~Being Nervous Isn’t Bad. It Just Means That Something Important Is Happening. – Michael Jordon~

Day 20: Criticism

Day 20:

Well two sets of ten make twenty and that’s how many of these posts I’ve made so far.

Anyways if you saw the last post I was aiming to make the weekend an effective one and get stuff done. To some degree that is what I did when I made some social media accounts, but at the same time I didn’t get further then writing the bio’s and I already suck at those as it is. So overall in was a good hour spent on slowly building this up.

On the story front though, today was the first day that I posted the first official chapter to a story called Can’t Leave. It was the first story that I first attempted to market and pitch to people and hopefully get some interest in it. After two weeks some people came out of the wood work to view it and it felt awesome, yet at the same time I feel it’s not 100% as edited as it could be and now I’m waiting for the criticisms and critiques to come in and I just don’t want to let those I made wait down. However that’s life and who knows this story could finally be the big break.

One writers Wednesday it will be posted on here and if you want to read I’d be more then happy to have as many eyes on it as possible to give it any constructive and positive critiques.

Till Friday, I hope everyone manages to get through the week.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 21: Time Off

Day 21:

We all need time off at some point or another. That’s what I’m looking at right now and wondering if it’s the best move for me. Now when I say time off I just mean from writing, in the time that I don’t write it would be more focused on the marketing aspect of things and to just rejuvenate the creative juices.

The only problem I have is committing to that sort of thing since in my head, I can’t wrap it around not doing something that isn’t creating content but at the same time I need the audience to move forward it’s a real cross roads but it might be what I have to do to keep this going since the days of April are quickly coming to an end and my dream of making the first dollar gets narrower and narrower each day that passes. So either I kick it into overdrive or I continue on the pace and just hope for the best.

Either way i’m going to make this dream a reality, even if it does take all year. I just want this to work even if it takes twenty four hours and seven days a week. I will make this happen I just have to be patient.

As always have a good weekend and till Monday this has been yours truly.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 22: Overdrive

Day 22:


Hello Everyone.

So I hope everyone’s weekends went well. If you’re wondering mine was good, all the snow finally left us on Sunday. Except today we got another foot of it, it’s not even sad anywhere its just funny since it basically puts you into a feeling of hysteria, but oh well it’s always sunny somewhere. I say that as one of the nearby cities has been frozen for almost 200 consecutive days now.

Anyways moving on to the what i’ve been up to phase. Basically this week I’ve decided to try a revamped new schedule to try and fast track a bunch of ideas. Probably running around 18 hour days to just see how everything plays out, but all progress is good progress right?

Aside from that though not much else is new other then trying to self teach myself some marketing techniques to promote my books and stuff and one of the ways is my new twitter account since everyone seems to have one of those these days. If you want to take a look at it, you can find it at

So I think that’s it hopefully I make it to the end of the week if not I’ll be passed out on my keyboard. Guess it’s time to roll the dice and pray that this snow eventually ends. PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP!

-Li. A. Wake

Day 23: It’s Been A Long Week

Day 23:

If you recall the previous blog entry you’ll find it’s called overdrive.

To quickly sum it up. In this last week I altered my sleep schedule so I could do more during the day to try and fast track the things that I’m trying to work on, and in a way it has paid off. I’ve gotten a lot of social media stuff set up and wrote a lot more.

Yet at the same time for the last week I have only gotten about 4 hours of sleep each night. Mostly because of poor choices and going to bed around 11 PM and forcing myself to wake up at 3:30 AM. It was like being a zombie, because it just doesn’t feel right, and after fighting through the first couple of hours it starts to feel better and waking up with the sunrise is nice.

Either way I don’t know if I’m going to continue this routine but as a mental exercise it really motivates you to keep pushing forward and chase your dreams no matter how difficult it may feel.

Aside from that though, today in my new story Plain Jane. An Action/Romance story with a female protagonist reached 50000 words and that was my goal. So hopefully it’ll be done in the next couple days.

Anyways I hope you all have a good weekend and the next post will be on Monday as usual, and I currently don’t have an idea for it maybe it’ll be about my emotionally distraught cat. Take it easy everyone.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 24: Adjustments

Day 24:


A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit, appearance, or result.

So if you have guess today’s blog post is all about adjustments. We all have to do them at some point in our lives and over the last weekend I’ve thought more and more about them. For one making an adjustment to this blog since on every post it only gets 6 views majority of the time. So maybe a name change is in order or something new and fresh and exclusive to this social media, since I’m currently working on a multitude of networks.

But the big adjustment is the time that I spend working on my craft for zero dollars an hour. Last week I started everyday at 3:30 AM every morning and going till 8 PM. Day in and Day out Monday – Friday. The problem was though, the first two hours of getting up was almost like being zombified where it’s a fight to just stay awake. So the adjustment was moving my day start to 4:30 AM and so far so good I guess, which means walking in the morning might just be possible when the sun comes, up.

The unfortunate adjustment though is by the looks of it April will not be the month that I make the first dollar. Unfortunately other things came up that needed to be developed first and because of that set backs have set in. May though has a lot of potential, and boy would it be a miracle if it finally worked out.

Anyways that’s it for now everyone for those few of you that will actually see this. Thank you and I hope you have a good week and always remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 25: Just A Generic Weekly Recap…I Guess

Day 25:

So there is nothing really for a theme on today’s post, just kind of a quick this is what I’ve been up to this week sorta thing.

To start I renamed this blog since it was more about what I was up to and uneventful things that are usually covered here.

Then on the story front, I’ve been waking up at 4:30 AM everyday this week which as you may guess really tires you out. But in doing so I’m nearly finished a new story called Plain Jane. Which hopefully can rival some of the best female protagonist Action/Romance stories, however that being said it still needs to be edited making it still a ways away.

Then there’s Social Media. I’ve been doing what I can this week to try and figure out how exactly I would use each of them but have yet to capitalize on a few. Hopefully this weekend that’ll change but for now those sites are still heavily being created and developed but soon they should be seeing some viewership, just got to take the baby steps before hand.

And to top off everything I finally took the first step to get back into screenwriting. The game plan is to story convert most of what I’ve written into scripts just so that I have them and the script I’m starting with is The Thirty Pound Backpack which has been posted on here in past weeks.

Other then that though not much else has happened, sorry to those that see this and think it’s uneventful but it is what it is. If you took the time to read I appreciate it and well see what happens on Monday. Till then remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 26: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Day 26:

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

I had bigger plans for this last weekend, unfortunately my heart had other plans. What I was going to try and do was write exclusive content for my Facebook and Reddit. However that plan didn’t truly go as hoped.

Instead I spent the entire weekend replaying Jet Force Gemini, and got a wave of nostalgia while also calming down and de-stressing just a bit, and at the end of the day there isn’t much story there but just enough to keep you going which took my mind off writing and the brand but now it’s time to get back to work.

This week the goals are as follows: Complete Plain Jane, my next novel which is currently over 60000 words. Then finish the script conversion for The Thirty Pound backpack and as always develop and post on the social medias. It’s an easily do-able week.

What’s even better though is I came up with some new short story ideas, and I’m already bouncing off the walls to create them. Making Plain Jane my main priority to finish that up because I got some new scary and depressing stuff, on the horizon that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Other then that I think it’s been rather boring this weekend. I hope everyone’s ready for the new week and remember Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 27: A Productive Week

Day 27:

To starts off this week has been very productive in regards to making and finishing content.

This weeks goals were to complete what was my current story called Plain Jane, and to complete the first script of The thirty pound backpack.

Plain Jane was finished yesterday. Topping out at over 70k words. For those who don’t know which is likely everybody. It’s an Action/Romance story with a female protagonist who is part of a secret vigilante society while at the same time trying to hide her life from her roommate who she starts to have feelings for. Next for this story is to move into editing in the next two weeks but for now i’ll be taking some time to do something new.

The Script for The Thirty Pound Backpack was finished on Wednesday and like Plain Jane, it requires a second pass and that will likely be in a two weeks to a months time.

Today being Friday, however I’m going to be starting something new and I’m not sure where it will go but I’m already in love with the story and to tease your appetite, it’s called 20 seconds to obliteration. 

Other then all of that the week has been pretty calm and no other advancements have been made on the making money front at the moment, but I think I’m taking the right steps to actually getting there with the waking up at 4:30 AM thing coming in handy and giving me those extra couple hours.

Anyways that’s all for today. Next post is Monday and I hope you all have a good weekend. Till then though Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 28: Sleeping In and More Schedule Modifications

Day 28:

I’d like to hope that the title is somewhat obvious of the content that will be in this post.

To start I just want to say you never really cherish weekends and sleep more until you’re waking up at 4:30 in the morning. It’s like pure bliss to make up when the lights up, and that’s where a lot of my weekend was wasted this. That and aside from walking a decent amount and kinda just taking some personal time to prep for a week on new things.

Before we get to that though, I’m looking at adding a new modification to my daily life now that the temperature has gotten decent and there’s no more snow on the ground. So to help with the writing I’m going to walk a bit in the morning to see if it can awaken more of the creative side of my brain, I guess that will be the real test of the week though.

Now moving onto the new things that will be started and worked on this week. The first one is my new story 20 Seconds To Obliteration. Which hopefully if I do it right because one of those real tear jerkers. Then alongside that I’ll start editing Plain Jane, or begin a new script, either way this week will be very content oriented. Other then that though I don’t think there’s much more for me to say so I’ll catch you all on Friday. Till then remember, Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 29: A Pretty Normal Week

Day 29:

There’s not a lot to say about this week, other then just catching everyone up on what I’ve been doing, and to re-discuss some of Monday’s stuff.

During Monday’s post I mentioned going for walks in the mornings to try and help my creativity. I’m not sure if there has been any real connection between the two or if it’s the story that’s kind of been holding me up. Either way Monday, Wednesday and Friday I started walking and have added an extra 36 kilometres to my weekly total. So it’s still good exercise at the end of the day if thats the only positive that comes from this.

Then the story that has had all my attention this week has been 20 Seconds To Obliteration. Most of my time on it has been trying to figure out the characters since it’s still early in the story, the other problem I had was the time frame I gave inside the story. So that’s the first big correction I have to make during the edit phase. For those wondering the story itself is about four friends who are struggling with the reality of losing everything they hold dear, and are faced with being separated because of another sources failure.

When I wasn’t working on that though I was editing Plain Jane. Since finishing it last week I’ve called four of the chapters edited so far. Again it was one of those stories that just sorta took off and next thing I knew I had over 110 pages, so that’s kind of been a slow process but it’s coming along, the goal is to do a chapter a day if I can, but I’d like to two to speed up the process since there are other projects I also have to work on. Such as 20 Seconds To Obliteration.

The project I’m currently developing is all the script conversions. This week I Started Hush Little Baby which I’ve shared on here in past weeks, now I’m just reworking it to fit a script format which is yet another small learning curve since it has been a while since I wrote script religiously and have to get back into the swing of it. But so far so good, and by the way it’s going there’s a small chance it may even reach feature length which to me would be awesome.

Anyways I think that pretty much covers the week, and what I’ve been up to other then all the social media stuff, since some of them still elude me to what exactly is going on and how I should use them. Blogger still being one of those sites. So any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Well I guess this is goodbye for now, have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with probably a lack lustre weekend update. But till then always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake.

Day 30: Another Week Begins

Day 30:

Well buckle up everyone it’s that time of week again where we face the next five days in stride hoping to get to next weekend.

But first let’s discuss the weekend. I hope yours went well and that everyone that celebrates had a good mother’s day and like my mother say’s everyday should be mother’s day since it doesn’t hurt to give a little love.

So over the weekend, I got next to nothing done outside of my social media posting that I do routinely. I was hoping to edit or write more of the script but again I have let myself down to the point that I’m not even gonna bring it up in the Friday posts.

This week though if everything goes to plan, I could see 20 Seconds To Obliteration coming to an end since in my mind it is designed to be a short story, but if for some reason and somehow the characters take over and make it longer I will be surprised. Update on that on Friday.

Then the next project will be either making good progress or even potentially finishing Hush Little Baby as a script and putting that a side to start the next one, but mainly I want to make a significant dent in it so it can without a doubt be finished next week.

Finally the next ten chapters of Plain Jane will hopefully be edited by Friday. At 2000 words a chapter though it might be a small struggle to get to that outcome but I’m confident that it is possible.

To finish this all off, I just want to reiterate what this blog is exactly because I’ve been a little frustrated in my day to day life. This blog is designed to be a transparent insight to everything I do over the course of the week, because I think that transparency is practically gold in this day and age and unfortunately I know people who have exploiting keeping everything hidden and have been gaining things in there favour while stepping on a bunch of others. So I want to make sure that’s never the case with me, and that everyone is always aware of what is going on to the point that this is a progress report for all of you who look at what I’m doing because you invest you’re time potentially reading this so you should know what is going on like any investor would with a ‘project’ if that makes sense. Anyways Rant over. I’ll see you all back here on Friday.

Again thank you all for reading and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 31: Another Week Ends

Day 31:

Well I hope everyone has had a good week, and it’s finally Friday so that’s a big positive.

Anyways to those of you who see these let us begin by recapping the week, and the amount of progress that all my projects made. At the time of writing this, it’s still early in the morning so progress will continue to be made today but this is the most current update.

Starting with 20 Seconds To Obliteration, the story itself seems to have more content then I initially expected and that even after today I know it wont be finished. It will likely take until next Tuesday or Wednesday since there’s been a spike character development and I’m hoping that I can get the story to reach 30000 words at this point, since it’s currently sitting at 21000. Anyway I think it’ll be exciting when it ends since it’s felt like a run away car that i’ve just been trying to get a hold of and occasionally dreading to write, but it’s slowly coming together. Also just a side fact but even the title makes the story seem grim, this has been the first story where I’ve really tried to keep everyone growing as a character and doing what I could to keep them alive.

Next up is the script for Hush Little Baby. Now with 20 Seconds currently being the priority the script is lower on the list of things to get done but yet still as important. Progress has been made on it and I could see it starting to flush itself over the weekend potentially, but at this point it is still quite a ways away. The one big positive though is it’s appearing to be longer then I initially expected. I don’t think it’ll make it to feature length but it’ll definitely be up there. I’m just going to put a guess but probably around 70 pages.

Finally the third project that sits on chopping block is Plain Jane. Let me just start off by saying that I hate editing. To me it’s such a nightmare and I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted about that in the past. Anyways it’s slowly taking shape like carving a statue out of marble and all that jazz. We made a decent sized doing two chapters a day and probably another two today it’ll be close though to the deadline to finish this which is two Mondays from now. If it continues to rain though I at least have something to fill my time.

Other then that, there’s not much else to say. This weekend I might try my hand at some 2D pixel character animation but other then that it’ll just be the regular. So I hope all of you who have read up to this point have a good weekend and well do another update Monday. Thank you everyone and till next time, Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 32: Productivity Inbound

Day 32:

I want to start this week of by saying that today, i’ve experienced one of the downsides of being self employed and trying to work for yourself. That down side being holidays on weekdays. I’ve tried to stick to my schedule today since it’s a long weekend, so here I am at 5 in the morning writing this and trying to work closer to my dreams while the rest of the world sleeps around me. In a way this motivates me to get to a point where I can sleep in an extra two hours on long weekends but for now one can only dream.

Now let’s move on to this past weekend. I don’t know what clicked in my head but i’ve edited 10 chapters to Plain Jane meaning that there’s roughly only 5 left and the preview chapter goes up this week on Wattpad while everything else comes to an end. So I’m really excited about that and to get that done.

Then there’s 20 Seconds To Obliteration which is very close to the end now, and if I had to predict it’ll be finishing up here in the next two days maybe. A goal remain for 30000 words and It’s currently sitting at 23700 so it’s possible but will still be a struggle none the less but here’s hoping for the best. When that’s done though i’ll probably wait a week before I start editing it, and the next story coming up will be a horror story that i’ve been sitting on for a little while now.

And then to finish it all off the project that is farthest from completion is the script for Hush Little Baby, so I figure it wont be possible to finish it this week but I want to make a significant impact on it and at least get it to 75% completed because it’s really occupied a lot of my time and it worries me for when I do the longer stories.

Anyways with all that being said, i’m ready to tackle these and hopefully have another strong week of finishing up some content and starting new projects. So as some would say let the games begin and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 33: A Week Of Ups And A Single Down

Day 33:

Hey what’s going on everybody?

Let us begin this end of the week blog post with the downside of my week. Hopefully some of you out there can relate when you read this. On Tuesday this week my glasses broke right where the nose piece is, and as a glasses wearer the second you know they’re broken you start to panic like crazy, since you know you’ll likely be buying a new pair, or attempting a DIY styled repair that has a high probability of failing. So over two hundred dollars later a new pair is on their way, and hopefully will be here early next week.

Now let’s get to the more exciting and positive stuff, since a lot of project’s have been completed or finished this week.

To start, 20 Seconds To Obliteration has ended as of yesterday the main story has been completed and finished over the 35000 word mark which is something I actually didn’t expect to reach, so i’m pretty happy about that. Hopefully the emotions that I intended for it to have is also reflected in the work since the last couple chapters took a while to write but they attempt to capture the emotions of the inevitable fate that the characters face.

Then there’s Plain Jane which has been successfully edited as of Wednesday and will now begin to post on Wattpad as the only story that I have going at the moment. I’m looking forward to seeing how that one plays out since I think it’s a roller coaster of a story with a lot of twists.

Then speaking of Wattpad, my two most current stories on there ended yesterday. Can’t Leave and The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson both were completed and now all I have left to post is Plain Jane. It was fun while it lasted with those two but now it’s time to move on to something a little more exciting.

And finally with everything completed, new things have to be on the horizon so the next story that will be moved into production will be a horror story that i’ve had on the back burner for the last little bit. Hopefully on this second attempt in the genre I can get some real fear going on.

Other then that everyone that’s pretty much been my week so I hope you all enjoy your Fridays and your weekends and we’ll be back on Monday for another post and to see whether or not I had a lazy weekend. Talk to you all next time and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 34: A Warm Weekend

Day 34:

How’s it going everyone? I hope you all had an eventful or quiet weekend.

I for one certainly had a warm one, the heat has felt rather unbearable and the promise of thunderstorms never happened. Then to top it all off I went for a 12k walk with the sun constantly facing me. Not my best decision, and I will admit my neck might be a little burnt.

Aside from that I made some decent progress on the Hush Little Baby script. The Script itself seems to never end though and I’ve worked on it this last month. Truthfully I thought I would be done by now and maybe moving onto the next one but unfortunately that wasn’t the case like I had hoped. So I have to figure that out in these coming months to try and speed everything up.

Then there’s the unfortunate fact that so many of my projects finished last week that I don’t really have anything to set goals for other then the said script mentioned. However I was starting a new story today and I think the goal will be 10000 words by the end of the week for it. I wish there was more that I could share regarding it but really I don’t even know where it’s going to go all I know for sure it that it will be a horror story, and hopefully a good one that makes people’s skin crawl.

So other then that I don’t have much else for this blog post, other then to stay hydrated out there and stay safe. I hope you all have a good week and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 35: Six Months

Day 35:

Welcome everyone who’s read up to this point and has been with me since the very beginning. At the time of posting this it’s June 1st, marking 6 months since I starts this independent venture. The whole goal when this started was making it a journey to make a dollar. To prove to myself that I could actually do this. Well that still remains the goal and I’m striving to reach it every single day that my eyes open. So in a way it’s time to turn up the heat and really push for this, and starting next week I’ll be attempting a new schedule. The main change to my current one will be having social media and writing days to try and maximize my efforts. Hopefully it’s a step in the right direction.

Also if you may have guessed making the dollar in May never happened which is truly unfortunate. Again it’ll be moved to hopefully the end of June but clearly this a roller coaster of wonder and worry. However at the end of the day i’ll just keep striving forward to achieve my dream.

Anyways down to brass tacks, this week I started a new horror story with the current working title The Hollowed Eyed Man. The story is at 10k words which was my goal for the week so I can’t really can’t complain about that, and I’m still loving the story that’s finally coming to light. The goal writing it has been to make every moment as tense as possible while creating this mystery, but also incorporating some everyday horror that some people might not think about so it’s been really exciting to work on.

Then theres the Script for Hush Little Baby, and I’m excited to say that after so long the first draft of the script is finally done. It’s a big relief because it took what feels like ages to get to this point and it’s time to start the next story, hopefully they go faster then this one, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other then that there’s been no real advancements in the work this week as I continue my daily grind so thank you again for reading this and I hope you have an amazing weekend. Remember to stop back in Monday and see what were doing next week and never forget that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 36: Trying Something New

Day 36:

Well here’s to another wonderful Monday…if only it was true. I’ll never forget the time I walked into a classroom and said good morning to people and it was 8am and the glares I received were of utter disgust. It was a real know your audience sorta moment.

Anyways welcome back to the blog. As the title states, this week I’ll be trying something new and reorganizing my schedule. Last time I did this I started getting up at 4:30 in the morning and so far it’s worked out pretty well. This time around I’m prioritizing writing days and social media days, making writing days every Monday, Wednesday and Friday while the other two days will be for social media.

So this weeks is a trial phase, for a success I have to complete more then five chapters for The Hollowed Eye Man, and then need time to edit and work on the current script conversion.

This weeks goals will be to write a minimum of six chapters for the hollowed eyed man, with a collective total of 12000 words, which will also potentially get it closer to the end of the story and if all goes well allow me to end it next week.

Then I would like to make a significant dent in the script for The Mine, it’s shorter then hush but it’s still going to take some time.

And in a perfect world I’d love to have a significant amount edited of 20 Seconds To Obliteration as well. I started that this weekend and have got three chapters done leaving only twelve more to go.

If I can get these things done all by Friday or even just a good amount of them done I’ll consider this format of work a success and that’ll be the way I conduct things moving forward. So here’s to a week of hopeful success.

So for those curious check back on Friday to see how it’s going, until then I hope you all have a good week and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 37: New Plan = Success

Day 37:

So if you’ve seen the last blog post, you’ll be aware of the fact that this week, I set in motion a new schedule that would hopefully allow me to increase my social media presence. To quickly recap prior to this week my schedule has been to write a chapter every day, Monday – Friday. However as this week comes to an end, the new schedule of writing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday has paid off significantly well.

The weekly goal is to always write 5 chapters of 2000 words a chapter. On both Monday and Wednesday, two chapters were successfully written meaning my Friday’s became a cross roads. On one hand I could write two chapter for the story that is currently in production, or I can write one and then spend the rest of the day working on social media. So what I think I’ll do is try alternating Fridays, and have the best of both worlds.

Then if you are curious, Tuesday and Thursday were strong social media days, but I realized I still have some nerves when trying to reach out and socialize, I’m getting there I just need to overcome my fears. Also along with social media’s on these days I’ve also been working on The Mine Script and Editing 20 Seconds To Obliteration. Both are doing significantly well.

20 Seconds To Obliteration will be finished it’s first editing phase this weekend hopefully and I’ll be happy when it gets to that point, because I still struggle with the editing part of things and trying to find the entertainment in it.

Then The Mine script is moving at a decent pace and hopefully will be finished this time next week, but to do that I really have to sit down and work at it.

And then there the current project, The Hollowed Eye Man. The set goal of 30000 words still remains as it currently sits at 18000. I do think though that were just nearing the end of the first act in the story so 30k shouldn’t be that hard to hit with everything the story has planned.

So other than that, there’s not much else that happened this week. This weekend will probably be a busy one for me but to all of you, I hope you have a good weekend and we’ll regroup here on Monday and discuss the plans for the next week. Spoiler it might not be that exciting. Till then though remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 38: Quiet Weekend

Day 38:

What’s going on everyone. I hope you all had amazing weekends and are as unprepared as I to start this new week. My weekend was filled with a really hot day which then transitioned into a day full of storms. So it’s been a real one eighty.

Honestly though this post might be really short today, since my weekend was pretty simple, and mainly focused on editing 20 Seconds To Obliteration, and the assortment of Social Media stuff I do daily.

Again my main focus was 20 Seconds To Obliteration. My goal was to finish it this weekend but I only managed to get 8 chapters done this weekend and only have the bonus chapter left. Which is still a big success because it’ll definitely save some time in the long run and now I can focus on finishing the script for The Mine.

Moving on with the objectives of this week for content stuff. The main focus remains to be The Hollowed Eye Man (Working Title) and the goal is to reach five chapters this week since Friday will hopefully be a fifty, fifty day with part of it being for writing while the other half is for social media. So hopefully that also means that I’ll surpass 30k words as well.

Then as stated above 20 Seconds To Obliteration will have it’s first edited draft completed, and then because of that The Mine script should also get a big boost but I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

Other then that there’s nothing to significant that’s going to stands out this week, but that’s always subject to change. Check back in Friday as usual, and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 39: Behind Schedule

Day 39:

The title says it all but sit on down and let’s get down to brass tac’s and discuss how this week has been going.

To start off this today, I just want to say that there is probably more that I could’ve done but I didn’t and that Writer Wednesday happened to be my kryptonite, which is something I never expected to say. See what happened was that with all the different social media’s I use and updating all of them with the stories it took quite a bit of time out of my day which inevitably hit me in the long run. However it’s just a mild set back and at the time of writing this it’s early in the morning and I still have all of Friday to work.

Anyways back to business. This week the goal of 30k words will be reached which is basically the only thing I set out to accomplish this week. Currently I have written three chapters but by the end of the day I’m hoping for five but that’s a perfect world and I have some things planned this morning so hopefully whatever time allows me to get done I’ll be grateful.

The story that I’m currently writing if you’ve been following along is a horror story with the working title The Hollowed Eye man. However I’m looking at changing it. Story wise though if I had to say where in the story I actually am, I’d think that I’m still pretty close to the middle of it and maybe have another 20k words left to go, or that’ll be the new goal after 30k is passed.

Then 20 Seconds To Obliteration’s edit was completed this week so that’s currently sitting on the back burner until it’s time for it to shine, and boy I’m relieved because I don’t think I could stand editing it for another weekend.

Also in the works currently is The Mine script. Some decent progress has been made on it once more but it’s become this weekends project and I’m hoping that by the end of the weekend a decent amount will be finished, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

So with all that out there. Monday’s post probably wont be the most information filled since again it’s likely only going to consist of The Mine but who knows right. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Anyways remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day and i’ll talk to all later, and hit that follow button to stay connected, it would really mean a lot.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 40: Subtle Changes

Day 40:

Welcome back world, to day 40 or at least the 40th post, the actual day of this little adventure is much greater.

Anyways I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to follow along. Also on Friday I tried out some new tags but clearly that was a mistake since my already small view count dropped to 2 just saying.

Alright back to business, following this weekend I spent the majority of it writing the Script for The Mine. However I may go back to writing stories in different perspectives to make them into original content so they can be distributed with exclusive rights. Then switch between doing that until everything is balanced out.

Enough of the weekend though, this week the goals are gonna be as follows:

1. To finish the current story I’m working on considering that I run out of content, I would like to get it to 50k words but my minimum I’ll take is 40k which is 7k away.

2. Depending on how number one goes, I’d like to start another story this week, and it’ll be likely written in 3rd person instead of my usual 1st person.

3. Finish The Mine script.

4. Start the first perspective change re-write to a story.

These are what will be the main focus as this week continues, and at this point at Monday at 6 AM I think they are more the possible to accomplish, but we’ll have to see when Friday comes around until then everyone. Have a good week and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 41: Managing To Catch Up

Day 41:

Well here we are once again. I’m happy to say that this week has proved to be rather successful once more and a lot of goals that I set out on accomplishing on Monday were completed. Now let’s get down to brass tac’s and talk about what’s been going on.

So starting with goal 1 from the last post, I was talking about getting the current story I’m writing to 50k words, and that I would take 40k as a minimum. The good news is as of right now on Friday morning I’m just outside the 40k threshold which is great, but what’s even better is the fact that I’m still a little bit aways from the end of the story. So 50k still looks like an achievable goal and that’s really exciting for me.

Then because goal 1 went so well this week unfortunately a new story won’t be started this week However I did start goal 4 and I’m rewriting The 30 Pound Backpack to hopefully make it into newer content that will be able to qualify as distributable content since there’s the whole problem with rights exclusivity with companies. However this isn’t me confirming anything but something may be on the horizon and that first dollar might finally be in sight.

Then finally goal 3 was completed as well, and I completed the script for The Mine. Which I’ll now be taking some time off of writing scripts to focus on the story re-write but then we’ll be jumping back and forth between the two when the time is right.

Anyways that’s been my week pretty much, and I’ll probably spend a decent bit of the weekend working on stories. Likely the new re-write and already the emotion in it is pretty intense. So I’m hoping that whatever comes from it, is actually able to pull the emotions out of the readers.

Other then that though I’ll probably just take it easy and enjoy the thunderstorms that are rolling through. I hope you all have a good weekend and as always I’ll be back on Monday with a new post. Till next time, and always remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 42: Work And Play

Day 42:

Welcome back everyone to Day 42 of this highly successful blog…I wish.

I hope you all had a good weekend but it’s time to throw ourselves back into the fire that is my struggle in bringing out new content.

Starting with the weekend, I can’t really complain about mine. It’s always nice to sleep in and such but basically I spent Saturday listening to a rainstorm while working on the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack. I’m loving the new version because it contains so much more details and really gives you a new perspective about each of the characters.

Them on Sunday, I was planning on doing the same thing and finish or work on Chapter 2, because it was unbearably hot so I thought I’d be inside all day but that wasn’t the case and I ended up walking close to 10 miles and may have gotten partial heat stroke but it was fun and that’s what matters. Even though it may have felt like a waste of a day it’s always important to take some time and step away from work, and that’s exactly what that was.

Now moving onto this week. It’s not a very exciting week but we’re still going to have a decent set of goals laid out.

Starting off:

1. The main goal this week will be to finish The Hollowed Eye Man. I’m still hoping to hit the 50k mark but I’m willing to accept it ending sooner.

2. Then depending on number 1, we’ll see if we can start the second volume/half of The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson and complete the series.

3. Finish more chapter’s of The 30 Pound Backpack Rewrite while maintaining a goal of 20k words.

For now those are the goals that we will aim to hit and as of now I’m sure that they are all very possible to accomplish. That being said I should get to work and we’ll return on Friday to report the week. Till then though everyone I hope you have a good week and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 43: Met The Goal

Day 43:

So let me start this post off by saying that the title has kind of made this obvious about what the contents in this post will be. With that being said however, starting Monday I might start removing the title aspect of these posts, since truthfully I’m starting to run low on different titles and I’m pretty sure I’m riding the edge of repeating some especially now with the new format of these blogs and how Monday’s now involve setting a list of goals and Friday being the recap. So for the future the title’s may just be a generic title with the date.

Anyways moving on from that for now let’s get down to business and discuss what’s been going on this week. To start it off let’s talk about goal number 1. There was only a couple goals this week to so this may be short and sweet, but we’ll see.

So focusing on goal number 1 this week, if you need a reminder the goal was to reach the 50k word mark for my story, which as of right now it’s Friday morning and I’m at 49,600 words and today we’ll be finishing the final chapter which is definitely more then 400 words. So I think it’s safe to say that we can check off the first goal on the list.

Now moving on to number 2 which there isn’t much to discuss there because it relied on goal number 1 ending sooner then later and that wasn’t the case this week, as the story held on, but new story will start Monday.

Then there’s goal number 3 and I can actually say that, that one actually went pretty well. As of yesterday I was half way through the template file of the original version of the story. So with the new chapters I have planned and to really make this thing original I’m looking at the weekend to continue writing and I’m hoping by the end of next week the rough draft will be completed and mid July will be the goal for completion. Then the second half of the goal still seems possible as I’m already at 6k words and the goal was 20k so the potential is still there.

Alright now that, that is all said and done there’s only the weekend to discuss. As of now like I mentioned in the last paragraph. The 30 Pound Backpack Rewrite has been given priority and I’m really hoping to break some ground there. So aside from that I hope you all have a good weekend and maybe go check out this weeks writer wednesday. See you all in the next post and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

– Li. A. Wake

Day 44: Not As Planned

Day 44:

Well like the title says this last weekend has not gone as planned and a lot of different things overlapped that have driven me close to insanity. Basically to start it off as a young entrepreneur with a struggling income, I live with my parents and they don’t take this whole writing thing seriously. Which then mean’s they believe I”m still subject to their will and that this work I do is all for fun and games. I assure you and them multiple times that’s it’s not. It’s never a game when you force yourself to wake up at 4:30 AM Monday-Friday. Anyways the long and short of it all is that, I spent a decent amount of time with them which limited my productivity. So that being said let’s outline this weeks goals.


Goal 1: Start a brand new story which I believe will be the sequel book to The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson which I posted the link for on here last writer Wednesday, and it’ll also be my return to third person stories after 6 months. So this should be fun.

Goal 2: Finishing or coming close to finished The 30 Pound Backpack rewrite. Theirs only a few more pages of the main template and then there’s some bonus content I’m looking at adding.

Goal 3: Then IF there is free time I’m going to try and write log lines for these stories so that if a movie opportunity ever comes up I can pitch the executive the stories.

Anyways that’s this weeks goal list. I’m pretty sure that the main story and 30 Pound will be what keeps me occupied this week and it’s becoming a rush to finish one and start the next one while trying to avoid plot holes from the first book. The second half of gloomy though my goal is going to be a little larger this week for because I plan to write it like the first where every chapter is 1k words and I did 25k in a week, so I’m going to aim for 15k this time around because of the new schedule. Now time to buckle up and see how this plays out. See you all on Friday and by then I’ll know if this was a train wreck or not, and till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 45: It’s Been A Busy Week

Day 45:

What’s going on everyone, I hope you all had a good week this week and are as excited for the weekend as I am…even though mines looking to be busy as usual.

So let’s jump right into this recap and discuss what’s been going on as well as how this weeks goal’s have gone and how I plan to finish the week off all together.

Starting with goal 1, the main goal of this week. The plan was to start the sequel book to The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson series, and that’s exactly what happened. However not only did we start the sequel story, we also made it the project for NaNoWriMo. But that’s beside the fact first off going back to 3rd person has been a slight challenge but at the same time the word count has gone through the roof. As of today, aka Friday morning. I have 10k words already written and I’m hoping for another 5k today to round the week off at 15k in a week. Then overall the word count goal has been set at 40k but with the way things are going 40k might be low but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Then comes goal 2, the secondary but still very important goal. To recap goal 2 was focusing on the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack. If things went differently yesterday the template would have been finished but unfortunately it’s just shy of being done, and then there’s going to be a couple extra chapters as well, the goal is to have it done for next week for sure, even if it’s just the main story.

Then goal 3, which was the optional one this week. It just didn’t happen unfortunately so there’s nothing to discuss and will likely be rolled over to next week.

Anyways that’s been this week, and for the weekend the plan is likely going to be focusing on The rewrite and editing The Hollowed Eye Man and getting it prepped for posting over on my Wattpad account. That’s still three weeks in the future but it’s better to be ready, and if I’m really feeling productive I’ll write one or two more chapters of Fate Anderson.

So that being said those are the plans for this weekend and the results of everything that happened this week, and now this is me signing off. I hope you all have a good weekend and remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

And to change things up tell me what you’re up to this weekend, y’know that is if you want to or whatever. Till next time.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 46: Learning Something New

Day 46:

Welcome back everyone, to this uneventful blog everyone knows and loves. It’s 4:30 AM here so let’s get started with this week’s punishments…just kidding I mean goals, and on top of that I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to get through this new week.

So let’s start off with this weeks goal, and then we’ll recap the weekend and the minor things that happened on that front. Anyways here we go.

Goal 1: This goal is pretty straight forward since it focuses on the sequel of The Gloomy Existence of Fate Anderson, and I’m hoping to add another 15k words to the story this week like last week to get it closer to completion.

Goal 2: Finish up the first draft of The 30 Pound Backpack and also make a cover for the book.

Goal 3: Post on Wednesday for Writer Wednesday, the story that will be posted is called Blind Beauty.

Goal 4: Continue to edit The Hollowed Eye Man.

Goal 5: *optional* Work on the log lines for all of the stories.

Those are the goals for this week, and most of them seem doable and that’s likely the order that we’ll focus on everything. Some additional progress though will likely be made this week since on the weekend I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro to manage my work load a little and so far it’s really helping balance things out and increase productivity.

Also during my weekend I managed to edit a quarter of The Hollowed Eye Man which has really jump started everything and I’m hoping have the entire story edited in the next two weeks. Also I believe I figured out my blogger problem, since I discovered communities and such so figuring that out is like a spiritual goal 6. Other then that though the weekend was pretty laid back and I’m ready to hit the ground running this week in hopes to hopefully make a significant impact on this weeks magnitude of goals.

I’ll return on Friday to inform those who care about the success, that I hopefully achieve. Until then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 47: Missed The Goals By This Much

Day 47:

Let me just start by saying this week has not gone the way that I had initially planned for it to go. In my mind I thought that I would have more time to do things, but unfortunately there’s something’s you can’t control and for me that was being creative enough to meet the goals, and the loss of an entire day.

So let’s begin recapping where the mistakes were made.

Goal 1: So here’s where this goal failed. On Monday I assumed that I could complete 15k words because that’s what I did last week. However so far I only have 8k words and I don’t have nearly enough time to get 7k done in the course of the day, so because of that I’m planning on ending the day on either 10 or 12 thousands words and then pick it back up next week when I hope to finish the  story or at least get very close, more about that on Monday.

Goal 2: This goal was to complete and create a cover for The 30 Pound backpack rewrite and unfortunately that didn’t play out because of me taking a day off of writing yesterday, to go and just clear my mind and focus on something else, and in doing so I took a bit of a photography trip. So that goal failed in that aspect but will likely be worked on today to some capacity and potentially on the weekend.

Goal 3: This goal was actually accomplished, and I did post the story Can’t Leave. So if you’re interested in toxic romance stories, go check that one out every read is greatly appreciated.

Goal 4: This goal I was also able to do since it’s an ongoing goal and every night this week I’ve edited The Hollowed Eye Man and made a decent dent and I’m almost halfway through the edit as of now.

Goal 5: Didn’t happen, it was optional and just didn’t fit into the schedule unfortunately.

With all that being said, today and this weekend will likely be heavy work days to try and clean some of this up, so that I can fit other things in to the mix and hopefully finish the rewrite and put it up for distribution.

For now though I got to hit the old word document and get some work done, so I hope those of you that see this have a good weekend and I’ll be back on Monday. Till then remember that tomorrow’s a different day and to have fun.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 48: Defeated By Procrastination

Day 48:

So this weekend turned out to be a disappointment. Ultimately I believed that I would have accomplished more in terms of writing, and editing however only the editing happened and I only managed a couple chapters a day at best. Alongside that though my procrastination did involve doing some file management to some degree so it was only a partial loss I guess. Still It could have been better.

Anyways let’s get down to business *resists the urge to break into song* and make up some goals for this coming week. Also I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July, Jeez I really need to make some money so I can say this year wasn’t a waste. Five months to go, so let’s try and hit this week hard.

Goal 1: Finish my current story or at most hit my word goal of 40k. At the moment there is only 14k words remaining and if I had to think theres likely going to be more story and it’ll surpass that and may quickly race to novel length.

Goal 2: Edit a significant amount more of The Hollowed Eye Man, in preparation to finish the edit this weekend, to free up enough time to deal the final blow to Goal #3

Goal 3: Get to a completed first draft of the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack. We’ve almost cleared the template aka the original story so now it’s all going to be new and hopefully it hits my 20k mark that I’ve set in my mind.

Goal 4: *optional* Write the log lines because I have nothing better to do, since everything is currently so hectic.

So for now those are the goals this week, I figure these are at least achievable based on how last weeks goals went, and since it’ll actually be a five day week with no interruptions or quick restructuring. Ultimately the goal is to clear some of this stuff up to continue forward in creating strong content for the readers like you to see, and hopefully make a dollar to prove to my parents that this dream can actually be something amazing. Anyway’s that’s enough for today, I’ll be back with the update on Friday till then remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 49: Goals Still Just Out Of Reach

Day 49:

How’s it going everyone, welcome to this week’s recap and let me just start off by saying the title of this post should tell you about the contents. However if you want more detail about why that’s the title then you’ve come to the right place and let’s just get right into it. Also I’m considering actually pursuing the new title scheme and just putting the date since I’m running out of creativeness to name these.

Now let’s get back to business and review the goals for this week and explain the progress that was actually made this week, so let’s begin.

Goal 1: So to say the least I didn’t hit the word goal that I had set out for myself, since of the 14k I was looking to hit I only managed just over 7k and I’ll be adding to that today but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to meet that in the next 9 hours that I have dedicated to the project today, which will also add another day just to meet that goal, but at the same time I think the story is going to be longer then that. Since it looks like it’ll be closer to 50k but I guess well see, either way it will be very similar to it’s counterpart and I’m questioning whether it will warrant a third book making it a trilogy.

Goal 2: This goal was left open ended so to say it was completed wouldn’t really be accurate. However I can confidently say that a good few chapters have been edited and pushing it more this weekend should lead to a conclusion of the draft.

Goal 3: This goal was a failure, progress has been made on it, and it’s prepped to surpass 20k words but the time to work on it just wasn’t there. However it wasn’t all a failure since I did manage to surpass the template of the original story so everything that is going into it now is completely new content. So progress is slowly getting there again if I can get to it this weekend I’m sure I could make a decent impact.

Goal 4: Like the past couple weeks this goal remains optional so basically it wasn’t even considered as something to work on this week.

Now with all this being said the only one to blame is myself, as much as I can blame time and all that. The goals themselves are a little ultra realistic in the sense that they might not seem to be that achievable but failure helps you learn and the odd break never hurt anyone. So now that, that’s been cleared up I hope everyone who see’s this has a good weekend and well be back on Monday and as always tomorrow’s a different day.

-Li. A. Wake

Day 50: 50 Posts Of Uneventful Blog

Day 50:

Well it’s Monday morning, and I hope everyone had either an eventful or relaxing weekend. Also if for some reason you didn’t see the title, where I tried to make a fifty shades reference, I just wanted to say, I can’t believe this little side project of mine made it to fifty posts. I still remember when I made it to ten. With that all being said however, I have lacked the ability to use Blogger to it’s full potential which hopefully is something I can work on in the next fifty posts, since I’m only posting in the public channel right now. Anyways I digress time to get back to business, and make some outrageous goals.

Goal 1: The first goal this week will be like all the previous weeks, and will primarily focus on the main story that is currently in production. That being said with all the progress thats been made regarding the story, the main goal of the week will be to hit the 40k word goal I have set, the ultimate goal though will be to see if the story will warrant a third book or it can be wrapped up in the same amount of words as it’s predecessor .

Goal 2: This goal will mainly focus on the rewrite of The 30 Pound Backpack, and thankfully all the editing for The Hollowed Eye Man is now completed meaning more time can be diverted to this project and finally bring it to an epic conclusion, thankfully it only has a few more chapters left so it could end this week and if I got things my way, it would this week so that’s what makes it goal number two.

Goal 3: Like every other week this week will have another writer’s Wednesday and I believe that I still have some content that I can post here to fulfill that. So expect that there will be a new story posted here on Wednesday.

Goal 4: Then for the fourth goal this week, we’re bringing back the old log line goal that again will be optional but will exist non the less. If you want details on this one it’s been explained in past posts and it almost doesn’t feel worth it to write it out since I likely wont even get to it.

So as of now that concludes what my goals will be for this week. It’s a heavy list of things to do but I mean I’m willing to give it my best shot, and if it all works out even the optional goal then that would be an extremely successful week. However I need to get there first. Anyways there it is and now it’s time to get to work, so here’s hoping you all have a good week and I’ll be back on Wednesday with a story and then Friday to follow up on all of this. Until then though, remember that Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

-Li. A. Wake