Daily Update Post (October 5 2020)


The Thirty Pound Backpack – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HDWV8R3

Blind Beauty – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MY77K93




Follower Appreciation Post (Week 20, Year 3)

Those are all the updates for today check back tomorrow for something new.


The Thirty Pound Backpack – Short Story

Hush Little Baby – Short Story

The Mine – Short Story

The Lottery – Novella

Dream Chaser – Novella

By Your Side – Novella

Blind Beauty – Novella

Run Aways – Novella

Your Move! – Novella

Gary Gumball – Novella / Short Story

The Gloomy Existence Of Fate Anderson Vol 1 – Novella

Can’t Leave – Novel

Plain Jane – Novel

20 Seconds To Obliteration – Novella

The Hollowed Eye Man – Novella

Above are all the direct links to the stories that have been posted on here for previous Writer Wednesday.


Follower Appreciation Post (Year 1)

Follower Appreciation Post (Year 2)

For all of you that chose to follow me, you will be added to the follower list above, a sign of my appreciation since you all motivate me to work hard and you keep my dream alive.


Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 1 (Day 1-30)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 2 (Day 31-60)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 3 (Day 61-90)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 4 (Day 91 – 120)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 5 (Day 121 – 150)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 6 (Day 151 – 180)

After 30 days, a newly completed collection will be added to this list. The goal is 365 days so the list will grow a fair amount at that time. For those of you who are unaware the Tomorrow’s A Different Day project is simply two sentence stories of random scenarios that hopefully brighten your day.


Li. A. Wake’s Uneventful Bi-Weekly Blog

Above is the popular blog that I crafted with my own hands…I wish. It’s pretty good though if you want updates on what I’m up to through the week and it’s ripped straight from my blogger because it’s not getting much traction over there lol. Anyways the blog is mainly to keep everything I do transparent to a certain degree, so if you get time and want to waste it stop on by my uneventful blog to get to know me better.

Other then that thank you everyone and I hope you all have a great day.

-Li. A. Wake