Daily Update Post (September 30 2018)

If you are seeing this, this is just an update post so you know what’s been updated on this page as of today since I don’t know any other way other then to make a crap down of new pages. This post will be deleted in 24 hours, to make way with the new updated stuff.


The Thirty Pound Backpack – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HDWV8R3


Li. A. Wake’s Uneventful Bi-Weekly Blog (Day 30)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #146 – Lightbrite, Making Things With Light

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #147 – The High Ground

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #148 – Nerf or Nothin

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #149 – Tree Removal


Day 165: Where’s The Wifi – Tomorrow’s A Different Day

Those are all the updates for today check back tomorrow for something new.


The Thirty Pound Backpack – Short Story

Hush Little Baby – Short Story

The Mine – Short Story

The Lottery – Novella

Dream Chaser – Novella

By Your Side – Novella

Blind Beauty – Novella

Run Aways – Novella

Your Move! – Novella

Gary Gumball – Novella / Short Story

The Gloomy Existence Of Fate Anderson Vol 1 – Novella

Can’t Leave – Novel

Above are all the direct links to the stories that have been posted on here for previous Writer Wednesday.


Follower Appreciation Post (Week 24) – Updated Every Saturday

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Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 1 (Day 1-30)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 2 (Day 31-60)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 3 (Day 61-90)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 4 (Day 91 – 120)

Tomorrow’s A Different Day Collection 5 (Day 121 – 150)

After 30 days, a newly completed collection will be added to this list. The goal is 365 days so the list will grow a fair amount at that time. For those of you who are unaware the Tomorrow’s A Different Day project is simply two sentence stories of random scenarios that hopefully brighten your day.


Li. A. Wake’s Uneventful Bi-Weekly Blog – Updated Monday & Friday

Above is the popular blog that I crafted with my own hands…I wish. It’s pretty good though if you want updates on what I’m up to through the week and it’s ripped straight from my blogger because it’s not getting much traction over there lol. Anyways the blog is mainly to keep everything I do transparent to a certain degree, so if you get time and want to waste it stop on by my uneventful blog to get to know me better.

Other then that thank you everyone and I hope you all have a great day.

-Li. A. Wake

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #149

Day 149: Tree Removal

When there’s a dying tree in the front yard of your house and a storm blows through and you can’t help but picture the tree snapping in half and doing some damage and you just shudder at the very thought of it, only it would certainly save some money in for the upcoming tree removal you have planned. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #148

Day 148: Nerf or Nothin

Continuation of Day #147

With the moth now somewhere in the house, you turn on all the lights and illuminate the darkness hoping it will attract the bug only it was now up on the ceiling and nearly impossible to hit, so thinking on your feet you run down to your room as fast as you can and reach under your bed and pull out a nerf gun, because it’s nerf or nothin, and running back up the stairs you confront the flying demon and start taking shots at it and you manage to clip the wing and the thing spirals down and before you could do anything the cate takes it and you never see the bug again. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #147

Day 147: The High Ground

When a moth somehow gets into her house and it’s midnight, but you also think you should kill it because your cat who’s laying next to it clearly doesn’t have a care in the kill, so you grab a notepad and attempt the kill but you miss and it’s dark and now it has the high ground and the clock turns from eleven fifty-nine PM to Twelve o’clock. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.

Tomorrow’s A Different Day #146

Day 146: Lightbrite, Making Things With Light

When you’re growing up and you spend a lot of time at your grandparents, and all they have is a classic Lightbrite machine, and all the templates have already been punched through by your cousins so it’s basically just a matching puzzle with little satisfaction, but that’s all you know so you don’t complain and you enjoy it none the less and those memories last forever. Tomorrow’s A Different Day.